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bcmgunfighter 556 mod 3 bcm charging handle

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Bravo Company BCMGUNFIGHTER AR-15 5.56mm Charging Handle Mod-3 Large Latch (BCM-GFH-556-MOD-3)

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  • BCM charging handle are well known to be some of the best in the industry.  The reason why is because they are built tough and engineered to be ran hard.


  • The original concept for the BCM charging handles came about due to a new demand in the marketplace.  As the evolution of gun-fighting techniques changed, equipment began to be used in different ways and some of that equipment could not handle the new stress that it would be subject to.  For instance, the old doctrine technique for utilizing a charging handle was to get a two-finger grip on it, with one finger on either side of the t-handle and then pull it back like a slingshot.  In the new age of gun fighting, this technique has changed drastically.  For right-handed shooters, the modern way to utilize a charging handle is to activate the latch with the lateral part of your hand, and use your entire hand to pull the charging handle in a rearward direction.  With this new technique, you are only applying pressure to one side of the charging handle, as opposed to the old technique, where you had a two finger on either side of the t-handle.  During the initial development of this technique, several of the original AR-15 charging handle broke, as they were not designed with this new technique in mind.  Seeing this limitation of the standard AR-15 charging handles, BCM engineered a new charging handle to cope with this new stress.  In their redesigned charging handle, Bravo Company made a change to that when the charging handle latch was pressed, the stress was not placed on the roll pin.  In the original AR-15 charging handle design; the roll pin was taking the brunt of the stress and lead to breakage.  In the BCM charging handle, The release latch transfer the stress to the main body of the charging handle, instead of the fragile roll pin.


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Part # BCM-GFH-556-MOD3
Manufacturer Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM)


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