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DPMS Oracle 16" 5.56x45mm Complete AR-15 Parts Kit (Less Lower Receiver) (KT-OC)

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The DPMS Complete Oracle Rifle Kit comes with everything that you need to assemble a complete AR-15 when combined with a lower receiver (not included).  This package features a flat top upper receiver, a 16” barrel chambered in 5.56x45mm, as well a DPMS AR-15 armorer’s wrench to help you with assembly.


Barrel Specs

The barrel included in this AR-15 rifle parts kit is chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO.  This is a military spec chamber.  The 5.56x45mm chamber will allow you to safely fire both 5.56x45mm, as well as .223 Remington loads.  The barrel has a carbine-length gas system and has a lightweight contour. The light contour of this barrel helps to reduce some weight, making for a lighter rifle.  Also, since the barrel weight is reduce, this has a rather significant affect.  Since the barrel is the forward most part of the rifle, it can create a lot of toque, requiring more effort to maintain position.  However, with the lightweight contour of this barrel, your rifle will be easy and faster to wield. 

The barrel is precision machined from 4140 chrome moly steel and is finished with a black Parkerized finish.  This material selection and finishing process will ensure that your rifle will have a long service life and will resist corrosion and wear.

The barrel is fitted with a gas block that has an integrated Picatinny rail section.  This setup allows you to individualize the rifle to your liking.  If you prefer to set your rifle up with iron sights, the railed gas block allows for easy mounting of your front iron sight.  However, if you want to run optics only, the low profile gas block will remain out of your field of view, giving you an unobstructed sight picture through your optic.

If you do plan to mount a front sight on this barrel there is one item that you should note.  The Picatinny railing on the gas block is not on the same plane as the Picatinny railing on the upper receiver.  This means that you must use a front sight that is specifically designed for this lower gas block height, such as the front sight from Troy Industries.  The barrel is threaded and is equipped with a standard A2 style flash hider.


Barrel Twist

The DPMS barrel has a 1-9 twist rate. This means that the rifling in the barrel is set so that the projectile will complete one complete rotation for every 9 inches it travels down the barrel.  The twist rate affects the stability of the projectile once it is in flight and can have an affect on the accuracy.  The 1:9 twist rate of this barrel is a great choice for a variety of different loads.  The most common commercial AR-15 ammunition if generally 55-grains in weight.  A 55-grain load will work well when paired with the 1-9 twist rate found in this barrel.  However, for those shooting lighter loads, down to 45-grains, or heavier loads, up to a 75-grain projectile, the 1-9 twist rate has been found to work well across a wide spectrum of projectile weights.  This gives you the ability to not have to worry too much about which ammunition you choose for your rifle.


Upper Receiver

This AR-15 parts kit includes a flat top upper receiver.  This upper receiver is a standard AR-15 upper with mil-spec dimensions.  The upper receiver is forged and internally machined from aircraft grade aluminum.  This aluminum construction ensures that your upper receiver will be extremely durable while also being light weight.

The Picatinny rail section integrated into the upper receiver is the perfect platform to mount a sighting system.  You can choose to mount a back-up iron sight, and or a red dot optic.  The Picatinny railing provides enough space to give you a few options to choose your preferred sighting method.

The upper receiver is also equipped with M4 feed ramps.  These feeding ramps help to increase the reliability of the action.  The ramps make more a smooth transition for the cartridge from the magazine into the chamber.


Stock Assembly

The DPMS AR-15 Rifle Parts kit includes an adjustable carbine stock assembly.  The stock assembly includes a carbine receiver extension tube, action spring, buffer and stock.  The stock included with this package is the DPMS Pardus stock.  This stock has an integrated sling loop to allow you to firmly attach your sling.  Also, the stock has an easy to use locking release lever.  This release lever allows you to quickly and easily adjust the length of pull of your rifle to fit your preference.



The DPMS parts kit comes with their Glacier carbine HandGuard.  This handguard from DPMS is a two-piece design and is formed from polymer.  The polymer construction of these handguard allows them to be extremely lightweight.  The DPMS GlacierGuard is designed to rapidly dissipate heat so allow for the most comfortable shooting experience.  With this in mind, the designers incorporated 15 internal fins on the inside of the handguard.  These fins help to dissipate heat, and, as an added bonus, they help to increased the strength & rigidity of the handguard.

The polymer utilized in these handguards is fiber reinforced.  This polymer formulation was chosen due to its excellent durability, as well as its resistance to heat.  The polymer used in these handguard is able to withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees.


Included Components

This AR-15 rifle build kit includes all of the necessary components for an AR-15 rifle with the exception of the lower receiver.  Also, the magazine and sights are not included.  This package is designed to be assembled by the user.  Please view AR-15 assembly instructions for an overview on how to build an AR-15.  Please note that not all of the included components are included in the attached image.  Also, the package does include a DPMS AR-15 armorer’s tool to help with installation.  The included wrench can assist with the following ..


  • Install and disassemble Free Float Tubes
  • Install and disassemble Barrel nut
  • Install and disassemble Compensator
  • Install and disassemble Barrel Extension Tube
  • Install and disassemble Carbine Stock
  • 1/2" dive for socket wrench
  • Screw driver tip for butt-stock screw
  • Hole for hanging on wall
  • 4140 Steel, mag phosphated
  • Compatible with the GII platform


Additional Information

Part # KT-OC
Manufacturer DPMS


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