DPMS LR-308 Oracle A3 AR 16" Complete Upper Receiver

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DPMS LR-308 Oracle A3 .308 Winchester AR 16" Complete Upper Receiver (308-BA-OC)

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The DPMS Oracle Upper receiver is a complete .308 Winchester chambered unit that comes complete with a bolt carrier group and charging handle. The upper comes ready to fire, as soon as you mount it to a compatible lower receiver and mount some sights on it.



The barrel mounted to this DPMS upper receiver is 16” in length and is made from 4140 chrome moly steel. The barrel has a 1-10” twist rate, meaning that the projectile will complete one full, 360 degree rotation for ever 10 inches it travels down the barrel.

The barrel has a heavy (HBAR) profile. This barrel profile is favorable for more precision oriented shooting, as well as for high volumes of fire. Since the heavy barrel has more material, it will have less flex than a thinner walled barrel. This increased rigidity can translate into better down range accuracy. In addition to this, the thicker walls of this heavy profile barrel can better absorb the heat generated by the firing process. Since the barrel is able to absorb more heat, your chamber can remain at a more stable temperature, which has the potential to enable enhanced accuracy.

The barrel is threaded to allow you to attach any desired muzzle device. The DPMS Oracle upper comes with a A2 style flash hider as standard equipment The threading of the barrel is 5/8”-24. This is the standard threading pitch for .308, so you will be able to use all of the commonly available .308/7.62x51mm muzzle devices.

The barrel is ported for a carbine length gas system. This is a standard length gas system that is demonstrated excellent reliability. The gas port is topped off with a single rail gas block. This railed gas block is able to accept a metal front sight. Please note that the rail section on the gas block is not on the same plane as the upper receiver. Because of this, you will need to buy a specific front sight, that is appropriately


Upper Receiver

The upper receiver used in this complete upper is an A3 Flat-Top upper. The upper has a flat top that has an integrated picatinny rail mounting surface. This picatinny surface allows you to easily mount back-up iron sights or an optic with a picatinny mounting base.

The upper receiver has an integrated shell deflector, as well as a forward assist button. The forward assist can be used to help correct malfunctions, when the bolt carrier group is not fully set into battery.

The upper is made from 7029-T6 extruded aluminum. The upper comes assembled with a fully installed ejection port door.

The upper receiver has a special features known as M4 feed ramps. M4 feed ramps were designed to increase the reliability of feeding the rounds from the magazine into the chamber. The barrel extension of the installed barrel in this upper has corresponding cutout to enhance the functionality of the M4 cutouts.



The DPMS Oracle upper receiver comes with a carbine length polymer handguard. The handguard is a specially designed GlacierGuard that is designed to maximally dissipate heat. The GlacierGuard is designed with 15 internal fins. These fins has multiple purposes. For primary purpose of the fins is to enable enhanced heat dispersion. The increased surface area of the fins enables the handguards to shed heat faster to ensure a more comfortable shooting experience. In addition to this, the fins also add more material to the handguard. This helps to increase the rigidity of the polymer, making these polymer handguards extremely durable.



To ensure proper functionality, DPMS test fires all of their completed upper receivers at the factory. This helps them to ensure that you will receiver a functioning, quality product. Due to this test firing, there may be some fouling residue in the chamber and bore of the rifle.


Frequently Asked Questions


What lower receiver is this upper compatible with?

This upper receiver will mate with a DPMS patterned lower receiver.


Will this upp shoot both .308 Winchester & 7.62x51mm NATO ammunition?

Yes. This upper is capable of safety firing SAMMI spec .308 Winchester & 7.62x51mm NATO


Will this upper receiver fit onto an AR-15 lower receiver?

No, this upper must be mated with a LR-308 DPMS patterned .308 lower receiver.


Does this upper come with any sights?

No sights are included with this package.


Is this upper a direct impingement or gas piston driven?

This is a direct impingement upper receiver.


Additional Information

Part # 308-BA-OC
Manufacturer DPMS


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