Magpul ACS

Overview of the Magpul ACS Adaptive Carbine Storage AR-15 Stock (MAG370 / MAG371)

The ACS stock from Magpul is one of their more higher end offerings.  The stock has a lot more to offer than a traditional carbine stock.  Available in both Mil-Spec Diameter, and Commercial-Spec Diameter, as well as several color variations, there is a ACS stock out there to fit your needs.  We will discuss some of the finer points about the stock below.

Multiple Storage Areas

The Magpul ACS stock has thee separate storage compartments that are capable of housing multiple components.  On either side of the stock, the ACS has battery storage tubes.  These tube are able to house three CR123 batteries, or two AA battery.  A rubber plug that provides a waterproof seal, secures the storage tube keeping your batteries dry and ready for action.  The rubber plugs are located in the rear portion of the stock.  This allows you to still have access to the storage tubes even when the stock is fully closed.

In addition to the twin battery storage tubes, the ACS also has a single, large storage compartment in the rear section of the stock.  This storage area is relatively large, considering it is part of a carbine stock and is capable of holding a variety of items.  The rear storage area is accessible via a door on the right side of the stock.  This door has a positive locking latch that provides secure closure and easy access to the storage area.

A Please to Shoot

Many find the Magpul ACS stock a pleasure to shoot.  The ACS has large, sloping cheek pieces that allow for a comfortable surface to get a cheek weld on.  This large area is made possible by the battery storage tubes, as the top of the stock flows into the storage tube area, allowing for the large sloped cheek piece. 

In addition to the generous cheek weld areas, Magpul includes a rubber butt pad with the ACS to enhance the shooting experience.  The rubber butt pad allows for some shock absorption.  However, it is primarily used because the rubber helps to better keep the stock in your shoulder pocket while firing.  The rubber essentially acts as a slip-resistance surface, giving you better control of the rifle. 

Built to Last

The Adaptive Carbine Stock is made from a durable polymer that is shock resistant.  The A-Frame design of the stock also helps to protect the vital components of the stock from impact.  The rubber butt pad on the end will help to absorb some shock impulse, should the rifle be dropped on it’s stock.  Magpul has also incorporated the use of premium grade chrome silicon springs.  These springs ensure that the locking mechanism has a firm, positive lock-up and will provide you with a long, reliable service life.

As a testament to it’s durability, the ACS was able to score high marks on a abusive drop test.  You can see the results for yourself in the Military Times article. ButtStock BashFest.

Sling Mounting Options

No matter what sling method you decide to use, the ACS is likely to be compatible with your preference.  The ACS has a sling loop slot at the bottom of the stock.  This loop is located in the middle and will be equally suitable for left or right handed shooters.  In addition to the sling loop, the ACS includes a reversible QD sling swivel cup that install on either side of the stock.  There is enough clearance around this QD mount to accept a QD sling swivel up to 1.5”,

Magpul ACS Stock Reviews

The Magpul ACS has received favorable reviews from several sources.

 Where to go from here

The Magpul ACS is a fantastic stock that will not disappoint.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.  Also, for technical specification and warranty inquiries, please contact Magpul.


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