MOE SL Carbine Stock

Overview of the Magpul MOE Slim Line Carbine Stock (MAG347 / MAG348)

The new slim line products from Magpul offer a sleek, streamlined replacement for traditional AR-15 parts.  Stay with the Magpul MOE theme, this stock is priced very competitively and offers a highly functional AR-15 stock at a great price.

Enhanced Shooter Comfort

The slim line stock is a trimmed down go-getter.  But that didn’t stop Magpul from engineering some handy features into the design of the stock.

For enhanced shooter comfort, the top of portion of the stock has been extended laterally and sloped down.  This offers the shooter a very comfortable platform to rest his or her cheek on making for a most pleasant shooting experience.  Moving to the rear of the stock, the MOE SL has a rubber butt pad.  This rubber pad isn’t t so much for recoil abruption, but it was primarily incorporated to serve as an anti-slip surface.  This rubber traction pad will prevent the stock from migrating during firing.

At the bottom of the stock toe, you will note that it is angled inward slightly.  This allows for easier shoulder-to-shoulder transitions.  It also makes for more comfortable shooting while wearing gear, such as body armor.


The release latch, which functions to alter the length of pull, can be found on both sides of the stock.  Also, both latches are protected from impact due to the design of the stock and the central keel running down the middle of the stock.

The polymer used in this stock is extremely durable and able to handle hard use.   The A-Frame frame like design of this AR-15 stock increases the rigidity of the rear section of the stock, decreasing the likelihood of failure.  The locking mechanism, used to keep the stock in place once you have selected your designed length of pull, uses a chrome silicon spring, which will provide you with a long, reliable service life.

Sling Attachments

The SL Carbine stock has several integrated sling mounting options.  Whether you plan to run a sling through loops, QD attachments or attach a separate end plate, the SL stock will work with all options.  Incorporated into the bottom, rear section of the stock is a sling loop, which will accommodate slings up to 1.25” wide.  Also at the rear of the stock are opposing QD push-button sling swivel cups.  These QD cups have enough clearance to accept sling swivels up to 1.5”. 

Solid Feel

Many of Magpul’s stocks come with Magpul’s friction lock.  This friction lock acts to squeeze the stock against the buffer tube, preventing stock wobble, which is a common issue with AR-15 stocks.  In place of the friction lock, Magpul has incorporated two leaf springs on the side of the stock that press against the receiver extension tube.  This also has the effect of decreasing stock wobble, albeit these springs accomplish that task without driving up the price as much as a friction lock.

Multiple Options

The MOE SL Stock is available in multiple configurations.  Due to the presence of differing buffer tubes in the market, the MOE SL stock is available in Mil-Spec diameter compatible model, as well as a commercial-Spec diameter model.  The Slim Line stock is also available in multiple colors, as in accustom in many of Magpul’s product lines. 

MOE Slim Line Stock Reviews

The new stock from Magpul has been met with good reviews, as can be seen in the following video review from independent review MrGunsNGear

The good folks over at Black Sheep Warrior also had a favorable impression of the SL stock as well, as is seen in their review.

Warranty and Technical Specs

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