MOE Fixed Carbine Stock

Overview of the Magpul MOE AR-15 Fixed Length Carbine Stock

This fixed length Carbine Stock from Magpul’s MOE line fills a relatively open niche in the AR-15 market.  For those that prefer a shorter length of pull when shooting, the carbine length fixed stock is a good choice.  Prior to this stocks introduction, you would generally have to buy an adjustable LOP carbine stock and then just in it all the way forward.  However, this fixed stock offers a solution with some advantages over running an adjustable stock.

Adjustable Versus Fixed Length AR-15 Stock

The first advantage of going with a fixed stock versus an adjustable stock is price.  This MOE Carbine length fixed stock comes in at a very competitive sale price and is currently the lowest price AR-15 stock available from Magpul. 

When compared to adjustable length of pull carbine stocks, fixed stocks offer a much more solid lock-up.  Since adjustable stocks are adjustable, they cannot be mounted as rigidly as fixed stocks.  While most Magpul adjustable carbine stocks alleviate this to a certain degree with Magpul’s friction lock, it is still not as solid as a fixed stock.  With a fixed stock, the stock feels much more solidly attached to the rifle.

From a durability standpoint, a fixed stock will generally be able to withstand more hard use than an adjustable carbine stock.  When an adjustable carbine stock is dropped, the force of the impact is imparted directly on the locking mechanism of that stock.  While there are some drop test that have produced impressive displays of durability, they are still going to pale in comparison to fixed stocks.

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 Easy Installation

This Fixed stock is a simple drop in replacement.  The stock is easily slipped on your existing carbine length buffer tube.  There is no need for further proprietary equipment.  Installation does not require you to remove the lock plate or castle nut, making putting this stock on your rifle a breeze.

Features of the MOE Fixed Carbine Stock

The stock has a slim profile and solid, polymer construction, making it very durable.  The stock as a simple A-frame design to prevent snagging and to increase stock resistance, should the rifle be dropped onto it’s stock.  The stock has multiple places where a sling can be attached.  For instance, the stock has a sling loop on the under side of the stock.  Also, there is a QD sling swivel attachment point at the rear of the stock.  The Stock is able compatible with Magpul’s ASAP Plate.

Available in Multiple Variations

The MOE Fixed stock in available in both commercial-spec diameter, as well as Mil-Spec Diameter, depending on your needs.  Also, the stock is available in multiple colors, depending on your operational environment.

More Info

For more information, including technical specifications as well as warranty information/service, please contact Magpul.

For a brief overview of the MOE Fixed stock, check out the MSW Blog.