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Overview of the Magpul STR Storage Type Restricted AR-15 Stock (MAG470 / MAG471)

The STR is a stock release by Magpul around 2012.  It is essentially based on the Magpul CTR stock with some additional enhancements.  The STR is available in all of the typical Magpul colors, including Black, FDE, Foliage, OD Green and Stealth Gray.  Also, depending on your application, the stock is available in both Mil-Spec Diameter, as well as Commercial-Spec Diameter.

Updates from the CTR

There are a few key changes that differentiate the STR from the older CTR stock.  The most notable change is the addition of twin battery storage compartments on both sides of the STR stock.  These battery compartments are large enough to house two CR123 batteries or a single AA battery in each compartment.  In addition to storing batteries, these compartments also have a secondary function.  The tops of the battery compartments serve to extend the cheek weld surface of the stock.  This acts to give you a huge area to place your cheek during firing, making for a comfortable shooting experience.

In addition to the batter compartments, the other main difference between the CTR and the STR is that the STR also has a flattened section at the bottom/rear section of the stock.  This flattened section enhances the ability of the stock to utilize a rear shooting rest or bag when shooting from a supported position.

Comfortable to shoot

The STR comes with a replaceable rubber butt pad.  This rubber pad goes on the rear of the stock where your shoulder interacts with the stock.  While this rubber pad can provide some shock absorption, it also provides a nice, anti-slip surface.  This acts to prevent the stock from moving around in your shoulder pocket while you are shooting, which can make for more controlled firing. 

Storage Area

The dual storage tubes on the STR are capable of holding two CR123 batteries of one AA battery.  Magpul claims that these storage tubes are water tight, as they are sealed with rubber end caps.  The rubber plugs used to seal the storage tubes are located at the rear of the stock.  This gives you the ability to access the storage compartments even if your stock is fully collapsed.  Also, to add to the convenience, the rubber plugs do not require tools to remove and can simple be removed by hand.

Mil-Spec or Commercial-Spec

If you are unfamiliar, you may want to take special note of this section.  For the AR-15 there are two typical buffer tube diameters, Mil-Spec and Commercial-Spec.  It is imperative that you know which you have before ordering your stock, as they are not cross compatible.  One is not necessarily better than the other, they are just different and require a different stock to fit.  So, before ordering, double check your buffer tube diameter to make sure you are ordering the correct part.

Solid Feel and Durable

The Magpul STR stock is a quality component that will give you a years of reliable service.  The locking mechanism used to hold the stock in your selected length of pull location is a chrome silicon spring. Chrome silicon springs are well known to provide users with a long, reliable service life.  Adding to the quality feel of the stock is Magpul’s friction lock.  The friction lock takes up the slack space between the buffer and stock.  This helps to prevent stock wobble and rattle that is all too common in AR-15 stocks. 

Sling Mounts on the STR

The STR offers multiple solutions for mounting a spring.  The STR has two sling loops at the rear and at the bottom of the stock.  These sling loops are capable of holding up to a 1.25” sling.  In addition to these loops, the STR stock has a reversible, Type 1 sling mount QD cup that can be configured to fit on either the left or right side of the stock.

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