Magpul UBR

Magpul UBR - Utility Battle Rifle Stock

The Magpul UBR stock is the premium grade adjustable carbine stock manufactured by Magpul. The unique attachment system that Magpul engineered to attach the UBR stock to the receiver extension affords the shooter several advantages. The unique design allows the shooter to have a consistent cheek weld platform, regardless of the position of the stock. In addition to this, the locking mechanism used to for the UBR and is able to withstand substantial abuse, as seen in the Buttstock Bash Fest Article.

The UBR also has a storage are in the rear of the stock.  This storage area is accessible by a latched door that can be placed on the left or right side of the stock, based on user preference.  This storage area is extremely generous in size and can house several pieces of important gear that you might want to keep with your AR-15, such as lubricant, a spare bolt, a spare firing pin, etc.

The UBR has a multitude of possible sling attachment points.  Whether you run a sling with QD sling swivels, or a straight thread-through loop sling, the UBR has you covered.  The UBR has four different locations to install a QD sling swivel cup.  These QD attachment points are located at the forward and rear section of the top of the stock.  These QD spots are also located on both the left and right side of the stock, making them equally useful whether you are left or right handed.  In addition to these QD attachment points, the UBR also has a integrated 1.25” sling loop at the bottom of the stock. 

Moving to the rear of the stock, the Magpul UBR comes standard with a 0.30” rubber but pad.  This pad can help to absorb some recoil, however, that it not its main purpose.  The rubber padding mainly acts to provide a high traction area, so that the stock better stays in place on your shoulder during firing.  Additionally, should your AR-15 inadvertently strike the ground, the padding will offer some shock protection to help lessen the blow.

Although the Magpul UBR isn’t exactly a lightweight, coming in at almost 1.5 pounds, this isn’t necessarily a drawback.  The weight of the UBR can help to better counter-balance the generally front heavy AR-15 rifle.  By offsetting the weight of the barrel, the UBR will help to move the center of mass of the rifle closer to the shooter, which some feel makes the AR-15 easier to maneuver.

The Utility Battle Rifle stock comes standard with the entry length receiver extension tube needed to install it onto your carbine.  There are some additional accessories that can be added to the UBR.  There are enhanced rubber butt pad that will help to absorb a little more recoil.  These enhanced pads are really convenient to have for a long day on the range, when you might be doing a lot of firing, such as in a carbine class.  Also available at additional cost is an aluminum strike plate for the UBR.  This strike plate installs on the bottom/rear section of the UBR and can be used for several functions.  The Aluminum strike plate has an integrated sling loop to retain the original capability of the UBR.  Additionally, the strike plate can be used for breeching maneuvers, and it can also be effectively put to use as an impact weapon.

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