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Haley strategic wml weapon mounted light coyote flat dark earth

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Haley Strategic WML 200-Lumen Weapon Mounted Light Coyote (WML-HSP-S-W-M)

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In the search for the optimal tactical weapon mounted flashlight, Travis Haley of Haley Strategic Partners happened upon the WML by INFORCE.  The light was effect, light and durable.  The original WML was developed at the request of a SOCOM unit.  The operators noted some shortcomings in their existing weapon mounted lights and thought that INFORCE could provide a solution to those issues.  This is where Travis Haley took an interest into INFORCE and thought that he could adapt the WML to become and even greater tool than what it currently is.


Travis Haley evaluated the WML is his various firearms training course.  He put the light through its paces and was rather pleased with the performance.  However, there were some capabilities that Haley thought could be instituted into the INFOCE Weapon Mounted Light to further enhance its functionality for their intended purpose.


The main difference between the original and the HSP WML is that the HSP version has a momentary only digital activation pad.  This gives the operator a simple press for on, release for off method of operation.  Nothing complex, nothing excessive, just a simple it is on or it isn’t functionality.


The next modification was to increase the lumens output to 200-lumens.  Obviously, with the advanced capabilities of LEDs today, the lumen range could have been pushed higher, however, this is not necessarily beneficial to the end user.  Excessive amounts of light can be detrimental to the user, as it could possible lead to temporary blindness of the user if they happen to flash a mirror and it can also result in reduced run times of the batteries.


The general unit of measurement that people put out when discussing tactical lights is lumens.  However, what really is a lumen?  A lumen is essentially a measure of the total light emitted from a light source.  However, this isn’t necessarily directly correlated to what you see when you flip the light on in a low light situation.  The beam characteristics can vary quite a bit.


When you light up the HSP WML, the 200 lumens that it produces can look different in a real world situation when compared to other 200 lumen lights.  The HSP Weapon Mounted Light has more spill and flood to it’s beam.  This means that it better illuminates the peripheral area of your main focus.  As it applies to tactical situations, this means that you have more situational awareness, since you are able to identify for features in the surrounding area.  Additionally the light produced by the Haley WML, doesn’t have an overly distinct center hot spot.  This prevents you from getting overly distracted by the center hot spot, which can prevent you from properly addressing the surrounding areas as well.  Another reason why Travis Haley prefers this wide beam spill is because it is more efficient.  By increased efficiency, he means that you are able to see a wider amount of the surrounding area, instead of only being able to see what is in the center hot spot, as is the case with other lights.   


For more information about the Haley Strategic WML Weapon Mounted light, and to see it in action, check out the video from Travis Haley below.




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Part # INF-WML-S-W-M
Manufacturer Haley Strategic Partners


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