Hornady FPD TAP .300 Blackout SubSonic 208-Grain AMAX (20-Round Box) 80878

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Hornady FPD TAP .300 Blackout SubSonic 208-Grain AMAX (20-Round Box) 80878

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The .300 AAC Blackout as an interesting history.  The .300 Blackout is heavily influenced by the .300 Whisper cartridge that was developed by JD Jones in the early 1990’s.   This cartridge has several capabilities that make it attractive to a wide variety of shooters.  One of those capabilities is the ability to run subsonic ammunition.


One of the most desire characteristics that the 300 AAC Blackout possesses is the fact that you can has subsonic loads that will reliably cycle an AR-15.  This is extremely impressive, as there are not many subsonic rifle cartridges that can accomplish this task.  What this means to the shooter is that, when you combine this subsonic ammunition with a suppressor, you can achieve an extremely silent operation.


This particular load from Hornady is under their TAP FDP branding.  This means that this ammunition is intended for personal defense application.  This brand of ammunition is so effective that is it often the ammo of choice for law enforcement agencies around the world.  The reason why is because it has excellent performance that you can rely on.


The projectile chosen for this loading is the 208-grain Hornady A-MAX bullet.  The Hornady AMAX projectile has a lot of technology that Hornady has integrated into it based on their years of experience with ballistics.  The A-MAX uses an ultra low drag polymer tip.   This polymer tip increases the ballistic coefficient of the round, which gives you a flatter trajectory.  In addition to this, the polymer tip also has the effect of balancing the center of pressure relative to the center of gravity.  This effect enhances the in flight stability of the round, giving you excellent accuracy.  Further, this ballistic tip also serves as a barrier to prevent the hollow point cavity from clogging.  By preventing the potential clogging, the terminal ballistics of the projectile retain highly reliable affects.  




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