laserlyte laser training target

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  • Being able to shoot a firearm well is a perishable skill.  You must constantly work on maintaining or improving your skill level, or you will quickly regress and no long be as effective as you once were.  This presents a problem to most of use, as getting to a shooting range to improve our skills can be challenging, as time, cost and life can easily get in the way.  One solution to this problem is the LaserLyte training target.  This target provides with a safe, effective and financially viable way to maintain or increase your skill level.  The LaserLyte Trainer Target can be shot at with a Laserlyte laser trainer cartridge, Laser Trainer Pro or a SIRT laser-training pistol, giving you multiple options.  What this product will allow you to do is shoot at it with a laser and them display your shots back to you by hitting the activator.  This gives the user delayed feedback, just like in some live fire situations.  With the LaserLyte trainer you can get numerous repetitions of draws, sight alignment, sight picture, strong hand only, weak hand only, etc.  in a very fast time for very low cost.  After you buy the system, the only maintenance cost is replacing the batteries, which is minimal compared to having to pay for live ammunition.  If you are serious about being a better shooter, this product will provide you with another viable training option.
  • This unit operated with 3 AA batteries, which will be good for approximately 6000 shots.  The unit is able to register hit from up to 50 yards away in ideal conditions. 
  • Length, Width and Depth Dimensions are as follows
  • 9.5” x 6.25” x 2.0”
  • 241.3mm x 158.75mm x 50.8mm



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Part # TLB-1
Manufacturer LaserLyte


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