Magpul Carbine CTR Stock Com-Spec Gray

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Magpul Carbine CTR (Compact Type Restricted) AR-15 Commercial-Spec Stock Gray MAG311-GRY

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The Magpul CTR carbine stock is the most popular stock sold by Magpul.  This is because it has a lot of features, sells for a great low prices, and does everything you need it to do.  This stock has everything that you need in an adjustable AR-15 stock, while keeping the weight low and value high.  Buy one today and see what all the buzz is about!


Drop-In Replacement

The CTR Stock is designed to be a drop-in replacement stock for your AR-15.  This stock easily slips onto your Commerical-spec diameter carbine receiver extension/buffer tube.  This size buffer tube differs from the other common receiver extension, the mil-spec diameter buffer tube.  Please be sure to double check that you do, indeed have a commercial-spec diameter buffer tube, as this stock will not work with a mil spec receiver extension tube.


Tight Fit

Like several other Magpul stocks, the CTR stock has an integrated friction lock.  The friction lock is a feature that was exclusively engineered by Magpul.  The friction lock acts to increase the tightness of the fit between the buffer tube and your stock.  This is important for many reasons.  By allowing the CTR stock to clamp down on the buffer tube, this helps to reduce stock wobble and rattle.  Stock wobble/rattle is not a uncommon issue with AR-15 carbine stocks.  The wobble and rattle can become quite annoying relatively quickly and is caused b a loose fit between the receiver extension tube and the stock.  However, with the Magpul friction lock solves this issue.  The friction lock clamps down on the buffer tube.  The greatly diminishes any wobble and rattle.  This helps to give your stock a very solid and rigid feel, similar to a fixed stock. This feature is not seen outside of the Magpul stocks and really helps to elevate the value of the CTR.



The Magpul CTR mil-spec stock is a very comfortable stock to shoot.  This is due to several design features seen in the CTR.  One such feature is the enhanced cheek weld surface.  Unlike other AR-15 carbine stocks, the CTR does not have a completely rounded top section of the stock.  The top portion of the stock has a slope designed into it.  This makes for a flattened surface where your cheek can rest.  This flattened surface makes for a better contact surface with your cheek, increasing the comfort.  However, unlike other stocks on the market, this increased slope does not drastically increase the profile of the stock.  The CTR remains sleek and streamlined.

Another area of comfort designed into the Magpul CTR stock is the butt pad.  The Mil-Spec Magpul CTR stock comes with an included 0.30” removable rubber butt pad.   This rubber butt pad increases the usability of the stock in several ways.  The rubberized butt pad helps to increase the traction with your shoulder.  This helps to create a slip-resistant surface so that when you are firing, the stock is less likely to slip out of position on your shoulder.  In addition to this, the rubber butt pad can also help to absorb any impact.  For those of you who are extremely concerned about weight, the rubber butt pad can be removed in order to save a few ounces of extra weight.


Sling Integration

Magpul has designed in several ways that you are able to integrate a sling in with this stock.  For instance, the stock as a rear mounted QD sling cup mount.  The QD cup can be installed on either the left or the right side of the stock, thereby accommodating both left and right handed shooters.  The QD sling cup is designed to accommodate up to 1.5” QD sling swivels (not included). 

In addition to the the QD sling cup, the CTR stock also has two sling loop slots.  These sling loop slots are located at the rear and also at the bottom of the stock.  The slots are in the centerline of the stock, making then accessible for both left and right handed shooters.  These sling loop slots are designed to accept slings with webbing up to 1.25” wide.

Lastly, the CTR stock as has a lanyard hole.  This lanyard hole is located near the toe of the stock.  The hole is designed to accept custom para-cord sling rigs.  Also, you do have the ability to mount other items to the lanyard hole, if you so desire.

For those who prefer something a little different, the CTR also does have alternative accommodations.  This stock is compatible with the Magpul ASAP AR-15 end plate.   So, for those of your who prefer to mount your sling to the receiver and not to the stock, you have the ability to do so.



The Magpul CTR stock was designed to be used hard.  The stock is made from a very durable, reinforce polymer.  The polymer is impact resistant and is also extremely resistant to corrosion.  The polymer construction also allows this stock to be light weight and affordable.  The CTR has also taken consideration to shield the vital components.  The A-frame design of this Magpul stock allows it to better protect the release latch.  This A-frame design also helps to prevent snagging your stock on other pieces of equipment. 



Additional Information

Part # MAG311-GRY
Manufacturer Magpul Industries


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