Advanced Armament (AAC) Brakeout 2.0 .223/5.56mm Flash Suppressing Compensator 1/2×28 51T (103291)

Advanced Armament (AAC) Brakeout 2.0 .223/5.56mm Flash Suppressing Compensator 1/2×28 51T (103291)


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Advanced Armament Company is know for producing some very innovative products. The BRAKEOUT 2.0 is one such product that combines the convenience of a muzzle brake with the functionality of a flash hider.



The AAC BRAKEOUT 2.0 is a redesign of the original BRAKOUT that was released in 2014. The AAC muzzle device has an integrated 51 Tooth ratcheting mount system. This allows you to have fast attach capability with your 51T compatible suppressors.


Best of Both Worlds

The BRAKOUT is designed to give you all that you could ever want from a muzzle device. The muzzle device is symmetricalyl designed. This allow for easier installation, as you do not have to time the muzzle device for installation. You can simply thread it on and leave it and it will function as intended. The BRAKEOUT 2.0 has directional ports that vent the muzzle gases away from the rifle. This helps to reduce the felt recoil of the rifle. This can help you to better stay on target, for fast follow up shots. This lack of recoil and muzzle rise can also make for a more desirable shooting experience.

In addition to acting as a muzzle brake, the BRAKEOUT also has flash suppression capabilities. The front of the AAC muzzle device is marked by a three-prong flash suppressor design. The three pronged design is very effective at reducing muzzle flash and reducing your light signature wen shooting.



The AAC BRAKEOUT 2.0 is threaded with 1/2×28 threads and is designed for rifles that shoot .223 Remington or 5.56x45mm ammunition. This is the perfect muzzle device for your AR-15 or other similar carbine.

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