Advanced Armament BLACKOUT 5.56mm 51T Flash Hider 1/2×28 (100206)

Advanced Armament BLACKOUT 5.56mm 51T Flash Hider 1/2×28 (100206)


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3-Pronged Flash hider

1/2×28 threading

51T suppressor interface.


  • The BlackOut flash hider from Advanced Armament Corp is one of the most efficient flash hider muzzle devices available on the market today.  It is primarily designed to mitigate your weapons flash signature to avoid detection and prevent temporary blindness in a low light situation.   This flash hider is so effective that it will even work on CQB length barrels.
  • The Blackout flash hider was built to be durable.  With this in mind, the engineers at AAC went with a 3-pronged design.  By having 3-prongs as opposed to the common 4-prong flash suppressors, AAC was able to make their flash hider stronger.  Now, the prong have more material integrated into them, thereby increasing their thickness.  In addition to this, another engineering feature was to leave the ends of the prongs open.  By leaving the prongs open, this prevent erosion of the flash hider.  To enhance durability, the AAC blackout flash hider is machined from a high strength, aerospace alloy.  For enhanced corrosion resistance, and durability, this muzzle device is finished in a nitride coating.
  • This flash hider also serves as a QD mount for our 51T compatible AAC sound suppressors.
  • This flash hider is compatible with .223/5.56x45mm rifles and features 1/2×28 Threading
  • Compatible with the following AAC Suppressors…
  • ACR-SD
  • 416-SD
  • 249-SD
  • Post-2007 M4-2000
  • Mini 4
  • Post-Mid 2010 7.62-SD
  • 7.62-SDN6
  • Mini 7

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