Advantage Arms Glock 26/27/33/39 .22LR Conversion w/ Cleaning Kit LE26-27

Advantage Arms Glock 26/27/33/39 .22LR Conversion w/ Cleaning Kit LE26-27


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Key Features

  • Adjustable sights
  • Last round slide lock
  • Internal safety mechanism
  • Easy Installation

Overview of the Advantage Arms Glock conversion kit

  • Compatibility

    • Advantage Arms makes several different models of conversion kits to work with the various generations and models of Glock pistols.  This Glock .22 conversion is designed to work with the Glock models 26, 27, 33 & 39.  This kit is compatible with all 4 generations of the previously mentioned Glock models.
  • Train more with less cost

  • Added Features

    • The Glock conversion kit comes complete with adjustable sights.  These sights are removable Glock style sights that can be swapped out, should you choose to do so.  However the included rear sight is adjustable for both windage and elevation.  This allows you to precisely dial in your sights.  If you shooter different types of ammo, it may have a different point of impact.  With the rear adjustable sight, you will be able to tune your sights to your loads so that you can maintain the same point of aim. 
    • One feature that really sets the Advantage Arms conversion kit apart from other is that it has a last round slide lock.  The method that they use to employ this is patented and uses a heat-treated steel lock open piece.  This is a fantastic feature that make your conversion act like the real thing.
  • Safety

    • When the engineers at Advantage Arms designed this product, safety was one of their primary concerns.  Staying true to the original Glock design, the Glock .22 conversion incorporated Glock’s internal firing pin safety into the design.  This safety feature will prevent accidental discharges for occurring, should the firearm be dropped. 
  • Easy Installation

    • The install process for this kit is extremely easy.  To install this .22 Glock conversion, all you need to do is remove the slide from your Glock pistol, and then simply slide on the Advantage Arms conversion slide until it fully engages and locks into place.  

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