ALG Defense 6 Second Mount for Glocks Flat Dark Earth FDE (05-281S)

ALG Defense 6 Second Mount for Glocks Flat Dark Earth FDE (05-281S)

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Specifications of the ALG Defense 6-Second Mount

Machined from 6061 T-6 Aluminum

Compatible with Gen 3 Glock 17/22/24/31/35/35

Non-Reciprocating Optic Mounting Platform

6 O’clock Picatinny Rail Section


Overview of the ALG 6-Second Glock Mount

ALG Defense developed this product at the specific request of a government counter-terrorism unit.  The objective when designing this piece was that it was going to be used in a linear environment (airplane, bus, etc.) where space is tight and all target will be directly in front of you.  This situation would call for a pistol, due to the tight quarters and a rapid acquisition sighting system, due to the rapid action.


Red Dot Mount

The main purpose of the 6-second mount is to serve as a red dot mounting platform.  Since the mount attaches to the frame as oppose to the slide, the red dot sight doesn’t reciprocate, which has several benefits.  The mount is primarily designed to be used in conjunction with the Aimpoint T1 and sight with idential mounting templates.


Aim Faster

Most notable, the sight is much easier to track, since it does not rapidly go forward and back with the slide, it will only rise slightly due to the recoil.


Easier on Your Red Dot

A further benefit is that having a frame mounted red dot will be much more gentle to your sighting system.  A slide mounted red dot is subject to a significant amount of force when it recoils with the slide during cycling.  However, the frame mounted red dot will have a drastically reduced stress load on it, which is another tremendous benefit of the ALG Glock Red Dot Mount.


Cons of Slide Mounted Red Dot

Further, slide mounted red dot sight do have some other cons to them.  For instance, they require permanent modification in the form of machining in order to mount the red dot to the pistol.  Aside from being a permanent modification, this can also weaken the slide.  Since the 6-Second mount mounts to the frame of your Glock, there is no permanent modification, as your Glock can quickly and easily be converted back.  Also, the 6-second mount does not require you to do any slide machining, thereby avoiding weakening the slide.


Better Balance

The placement of the slide mounted red dot can negatively impact the balance of the pistol.  Since the 6-Second mount is centrally located on the handgun, it does not have a significant impact on the balance of your Glock.



Installation of the 6-Second mount is simple, as you can see with the installation instructions.


Installation will require the removal of your rear sight.  Although the rear sight will not interfere with the operation of a firing pistol, due to the low axis of the mount, the rear sight will prevent you from taking the slide off your pistol for disassemble for cleaning and maintenance.  If the rear sight is kept in place with the 6-second mount in place, the 6-second mount will have to be removed before you can field strip your Glock.


A stock height front sight can remain in place without interfering with the ALG mount.


The red dot mount was designed to be as low as possible.  By keeping the axis low, this minimizes height over bore issues, allows for a lower profile setup, as well as other benefits.


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