ALG AK Trigger AKT 6-Pound Pull 05-326

ALG AK Trigger AKT 6-Pound Pull 05-326

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The ALG Defense AK Trigger kit is intended to provide you with a significantly better trigger experience at a very competitive price.  The ALG AKT is much better than stock AK trigger and at this low price, you can’t go wrong.


Trigger Characteristics

ALG Defense is a sub-brand of Geissele Automatics, well known for their premium quality AR-15 trigger.  The designers have extensive experience at making high quality triggers that perform under pressure.  The AKT from ALG Defense is a single stage trigger.  This single gives you a consistent trigger pull weight all the way through the trigger pull.  The AKT has very smooth bearing surfaces.  This makes for a very smooth trigger pull, as opposed to the gritty trigger feel common with most stock AK trigger. This smooth trigger pull is ideally suited for home defense and combat situations.  This gives you a consistent trigger pull experience so that you know exactly how your trigger will react.


Trigger Bow

The ALG AKT has a non-traditional trigger shoe design.  The trigger bow has a more flattened curve to it, as opposed to the more hooked type trigger bow found on most AK trigger groups.  This trigger bow design is known as the ALG Lightning Bow.  The Lightning Bow designs is intended to increase shooter comfort and increase trigger control wen compared to stock triggers.  The softer curve of the lightning bow can also allow for slightly more room in the trigger area, making gloved finger shooting slightly more comfortable. 


US Made

All of the components included in the ALG AK trigger kit are made proudly in the United States.  This trigger kit includes 3 parts that are on the 922r compliance list.  These components include the trigger, hammer, as well as the disconnector.  Since these components are manufactured in the United States and are on the 922r compliance list, they do count towards your 922r compliance.



Like all ALG Defense products, the AKT is designed to ultimate reliability.  This with in mind, ALG has manufactured this trigger from the finest materials.  The trigger components are machined from triple alloy steel for enhanced durability and long service life capability.  For enhanced corrosion resistance, the machined steel has been coated with a manganese phosphate finish.


Compatibility & Installation

The ALG AK trigger was designed as a drop-in replacement trigger group for AK patterned rifles, including the AK-47 & AK-74 type rifles.  Due to the immense number of different manufacturers with variable specifications & tolerances that have made the AK, ALG defense has made every effort, but cannot guarantee that the AKT will fit your specific application.  Although the overwhelming majority of installations go smoothly without issue, there is a possibility that some fitting may be required.  For more specific on the installation of the ALG AK trigger, please review the installation instructions.


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