ALG Defense Advanced Combat Trigger, 6 Pound Pull (ACT)

ALG Defense Advanced Combat Trigger, 6 Pound Pull (ACT)

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  • HardLube coated components
  • Same Geomtery as Mil-Spec Trigger
  • Low price
  • Increased wear and corrosion resistance
  • Approximately 6 pound trigger pull

Overview of the ALG Defense Advanced Combat Trigger (ACT)

  • The ALG Advanced Combat Trigger is a drop in replacement trigger for your AR-15 firearm.  This trigger is very similar to the standard Mil-Spec trigger with a few enhancements to make for a cleaner trigger pull.  The pull weight of this trigger is not lower than the minimum specifications of the standard trigger, at 5.5 pounds


How is the trigger pull on the ALG Defense trigger than on a standard trigger?

  • The ALG ACT is noticeably smoother and sharper than a stock trigger.


How is the ALG Defense Trigger different than a Mil-Spec Trigger?

  • The ALG combat trigger is similar to the stand trigger in a lot of ways.  The geometry has not been changed from the standard profile.  This was done to maintain the high degree of reliability seen on the mil-spec trigger.  The main difference with the LAG trigger is the materials that are used in its construction. 

What is the ALG Defense Trigger Mad out of?

  • The trigger and hammer components are formed from 8620 alloy steel.  This alloy meets military specifications and has been carburized, quenched and tempered.  This process results in an increased surface hardness, thereby increasing the durability of the component.  The trigger disconnector is made out of a different material.  1070 high carbon steel is used for this component.  It has also been Austempered into the spring range for hardness.  The spring were chosen for their resistance to corrosion.  4140 Chrome-Moly steel is used for the trigger and hammer pins, which is an improvement over the standard material.  Additional, the pins have been enlarged by 0.001” to decrease the amount of play between the receiver and the pins, making for a tighter fit with less wobble.

What finishing treatment is used on the components of the ALG Advanced Combat Trigger?

  • ALG Defense uses what they refer to as HardLubing.  This is essentially the same at electroless nickel-plating with a nickel base plate modifier.  Either Teflon or boron is added.  This is done to increase surface hardness, increased wear resistance and to increase corrosion resistance.  This coating process has also been shown to increase the sharpness of the trigger pull. 

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