ALG Defense Enhanced AK Trigger 05-327

ALG Defense Enhanced AK Trigger 05-327

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ALG Defense AK Trigger, Enhanced, 6 Pound Pull 05-327

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The ALG AK Trigger Enhanced is designed for shooters who are in need of a reliable trigger that features a slighter and crisper break versus the standard AKT trigger. This trigger is ideal for combat and home defense applications. The ALG AK enhanced trigger is machined from triple alloy steel and features an ultra tough black nitride hammer with hard lube coated finish. The AK enhanced trigger features the Lightning Bow trigger face which produces a very comfortable feel over traditional stock AK triggers while also enhancing trigger control. The ALG AKT-E is considered 3 parts towards 922r compliance.

Specifications and Features:
ALG Defense AKT-Enhanced 05-327
Smoother than a stock trigger
Lighter and Crisper break versus AKT model
Single Hook
Lighting Bow trigger face
6 LB pull weight
Counts are 3 parts for 922r compliance
Triple Alloy Steel
Black Nitride Hammer
Hard Lube Coated
Matte Black

ALG Defense AK Trigger, Enhanced, 6 Pound Pull 05-327

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