ALG Defense QMS AR-15 Drop-In Trigger Kit

ALG Defense QMS AR-15 Drop-In Trigger Kit

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The ALG QMS trigger kit is designed to fill a specific niche in the AR-15 market.  The QMS is a quality mil-spec trigger group that it designed to give you an improved trigger experience at a very low price.


Trigger Experience

The ALG QMS is based on the standard semi-automatic Mil-Spec trigger group.  The standard trigger component geometry remains unchanged from the standard trigger design.  This trigger group will give you a single stage trigger pull.  By improving the manufacturing process and honing the sear engagement surfaces, the QMS is able to give you a smoother trigger pull.  The trigger pull weight of this trigger is generally around 6.5 pounds.


Quality Components

The ALG QMS trigger is made from strong, durable and quality materials.  The trigger and hammer are cast from 8620 alloy.  This is a military specification steel that has also been properly carburized, quenched and tempered.  This process gives you a high surface hardness that can be honed to smooth finish for an impressive trigger feel


The disconnector used in this trigger is formed from 1070 high carbon steel.  This steel has also bee austempered into the spring range of hardness to ensure proper function.



To meet military specifications and to ensure ultimate reliability and longevity, the springs have been finished to ensure resistance to corrosion.  A full force hammer spring is utilized in this trigger.  By using a full force hammer, this trigger will very reliably ignite a wide variety of ammunition, even those with harder primers.  The full force hammer spring also ensures minimal dwell time, which can have a positive affect on accuracy.

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