AmeriGlo Defoor Tactical Glock 42/43 Sight Set Black/Black (GT-532)

AmeriGlo Defoor Tactical Glock 42/43 Sight Set Black/Black (GT-532)

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Features of the AmeriGlo Defoor Glock Sights

Black Serrated Front Sight

Black Rear Sight

Durable Steel Construction

Compatible with Glock 42 and Glock 43


Overview of the AmeriGlo Glock 42/43 Defoor Sights

The Defoor Tactical Sight set from AmeriGlo is the brain child of Kyle Defoor.  There are several benefits to this sight set.  Many users prefer this sight set over the standard (and often disliked) U-Dot sights that come on stock Glocks.


Cost Effective

The best part about these sights is that they are caveman simple. A notch and a post.  Because of the simple arrangement of the Defoor sights, they are extremely inexpensive, making them a low priced upgrade for your Glock.  They are among the lowest priced sights you can get.  However, even at this low price, they are extremely well made and durable. 


Made for Hard Use

The simplicity of these sights allow them to be as reliable as a Glock. Since these sights are composed of a solid piece of steel, there isn’t much you can do to break them.  The front sight carries enough material to be stout.  The rear sight is sturdy enough to use for racking your slide off fixed objects and any other typical use you would put it through.  If you compare these sights to the durability of the standard plastic Glock sights, it is a night and day comparison.  Where the OEM Glock sights will quickly show nicks, bumps, etc, after hard use, the Defoor sights will simply shrug off impacts with no trouble.


These sights will make a great addition to your Glock pistol.  They have received several positive reviews from various sources.  If you need a simple, inexpensive sight sight that is as durable as your Glock, look no further.


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