AmeriGlo Glock 43 Tritium Night Sights 3-Dot Green Front & Rear (GL-430)

AmeriGlo Glock 43 Tritium Night Sights 3-Dot Green Front & Rear (GL-430)

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Specifications of the AmeriGlo Glock 43 Night Sights

Compatible with Glock 43

3-Dot Sight Picture

Rear sight has 2 Tritium Inserts w/ White Outline

Front Sight Has Single Tritium Insert w/ White Outline

Standard Height


Overview of the AmeriGlo Glock 43 Tritium Night Sights

These Ameriglo Glock 43 tritium night sights are the perfect companion for your concealed carry pistol.  Glock pistols typically come with plastic sights that do not hold up well under hard use.  These high quality night sights are made from steel and were designed to be reliable so that the will not fail you when you need them the most.  The tritium inserts provide a nice 3-dot glowing sight picture in low light situations.  Get these sights today, you won’t be disappointed!


What are Tritium Night Sights?

These nights sights utilize a tritium insert.  Tritium is a radioactive material that possesses self luminous properties.  This means that during low light, the tritium will glow green.  This green glow allows you to line up a 3-dot sight picture in low light, where it may be difficult or impossible to line up non-illuminated sights.  The best part about tritium is that it is ultra reliable.  Since it is self-luminous, tritium does not have to rely on batteries or any outside power sources to provide you light.  Also, tritium does not need to be “charged” by day light.  Tritium will glow continuously for years (12-year half life). 

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