AmeriGlo CAP (Combative Application Pistol) Glock Sights Green/Green (GL-614)

AmeriGlo CAP (Combative Application Pistol) Glock Sights Green/Green (GL-614)

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The AmeriGlo Glock CAP sights are the result of a collaboration between Dave Spaulding(Law Enforcement veteran for 28 years, master firearms instructor & Owner of Handgun Combatives) and Rick Calihan (AmeriGlo Founder).



The sight was designed as highly visible.  This allows the shooter to quickly pick up the front sight, even in times of stress.   The larger bright front sight was designed to cover the point of impact.  In this sense, you put the front sight over want you want to hit, as opposed to under your point of impact.  This can make sight alignment more intuitive.  These sights a designed to be used on defensive pistols and have received great reviews in that they are easy to use and result in a quick sight picture



The What separates the AmeriGlo Glock CAP sight set from other Glock sights on the market is the innovative sight picture.  The front sight in particular is different from all other sights on the market.  The front sights has a centrally located tritium insert.  This tritium insert allows the shooter to have an aiming reference in low light situations.  In addition to the tritium insert the front sight also has a lime green photo-luminescent outline.  This bright green outline draws your eye to it so that you can find and stay on your sights, even in stressful situations.  The rear sight also incorporates a lime green photo-luminescent horizontal light as it’s rear aiming reference.

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