Apex Tactical Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Kit S&W M&P 9/40 (DCAEK)

Apex Tactical Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Kit S&W M&P 9/40 (DCAEK)

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This trigger kit from Apex Tactical is designed to take your Smith & Wesson M&P (9mm or .40 S&W) to the next level.  This kit gives your trigger a feel that far exceeds the stock, factory trigger.  Due to the simplicity of the trigger design, this kit can be installed by the end user.


This kit will result in a consistent 5-5.5 pound trigger.  Many feel that this is the ideal trigger pull weight for duty, carry or defensive use firearms.  In addition to a slight reduction in trigger pull weight, the trigger also improves several other trigger characteristics.  For instance, the Apex M&P trigger kit will give your M&P a shorter over-travel, as well as a decrease distance for the trigger reset point.  In addition to this, the kit can also make your trigger pull feel much smooth and break much cleaner. 


This trigger kit is compatible with all Smith & Wesson M&P double stack 9mm & .40 S&W pistols.  This includes the full-size, compact, long slide and Pro models with or without magazine disconnects and/or thumb safeties.


The trigger kit includes all of the replacement components you need to change your trigger.  This includes the following components


Striker Block kit

Spring Kit

Aluminum slave pin for easier installation


This kit is able to be installed by the user.  However, if you are uncertain of your mechanical abilities, please have a qualified gunsmith install this kit for you.


For installation instruction, please click here.

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