Apex Tactical Glock Action Enhancement Trigger w/ Gen 3 Trigger Bar (102-110)

Apex Tactical Glock Action Enhancement Trigger w/ Gen 3 Trigger Bar (102-110)

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Apex Tactical is known for producing some of the best drop in trigger components. And, they have now se their sight on improving the Glock trigger. This Glock trigger kit is a direct factory replacement that drops into place with an easy installation process.


Trigger Upgrade

The Apex trigger kit for your glock replaces your polymer factory trigger with a machined aluminum piece. This trigger kit also includes a generation 3 trigger bar. The trigger bar will work with both gen 3 and gen 4 glock pistols. The machined aluminum trigger shoe has some altered geometry when compared to the stock polymer Glock trigger shoe. This different designed results in a reduced trigger over-travel, as well as an improved trigger pre-travel (uptake). The trigger will also give you a smoother reset, as well as a nice, crisp trigger break.


Trigger Feel

One of the upgrades that you will notice almost immediately is the difference in the feel of the finger on the trigger. The Apex trigger has a different trigger face when compared to the stock trigger. The Apex trigger does have a similar center mounted safety blade that needs to be depressed to activate the trigger. However, with the Apex trigger, the safety blade recesses fully into the trigger. This is in contrast to the stock Glock safety blades that usually do not fully retract fully into the trigger during firing. With this lack of retraction, the stock triggers can have a less than optimal feel.

Another difference between the stock trigger and the enhanced Apex Glock trigger is that the Apex trigger has a flatter profile. The Apex trigger shoe has a much less aggressive radius to it, that gives it an almost flat profile. This allows you greater flexibility in where you can place your finger on the trigger. In addition to this, the stock Glock trigger has a significant side to side radius, where the Apex trigger is flat. The flatter profile of the Apex Glock trigger will help you to pull the trigger straight back to the rear.



The Apex Glock trigger is able to be used on a wide variety of Glock pistols. The Trigger is able to be installed on the following (both generation 3 and generation 4) models of Glock pistols…


Glock 17

Glock 17L

Glock 19

Glock 22

Glock 23

Glock 24

Glock 26

Glock 27

Glock 31

Glock 32

Glock 33

Glock 34

Glock 35

Glock 37

Glock 38

Glock 39

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