Apex Tactical Smith & Wesson M&P Flat-Faced Forward Set Trigger Kit 100-054

Apex Tactical Smith & Wesson M&P Flat-Faced Forward Set Trigger Kit 100-054

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Included Parts

  • Flat faced, forward set trigger
  • New Sear
  • Polished striker block
  • Striker block spring
  • Talon Tactical Installation tool
  • Spring Kit

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  • The Apex Flat Faced trigger is designed to work on the center fire Smith & Wesson M&P series of pistols manufactured after June 2011. This will work with all M&P pistols in center fire caliber and configurations
  • This will not with the M&P Shield series of pistols
  • IMPORTANT- Please note that this trigger system will only work in M&P pistols that have the sear block with the larger sized sear plunger and spring.  Models that have this large sear plunger and will work with this trigger kit started manufacture after June, 2011.

Why a Flat Faced Trigger?

  • Obviously, the most stand out feature of this Apex M&P trigger kit is the fact that it features a flat-faced trigger. So, what are the benefits of having a flat-faced trigger?  By allow the trigger shoe to have a flat face, the shooter is able to place his or her finger farther down on the trigger.  This gives the shooters finger increased leverage and hence a mechanical advantage.  By moving the finger farther away from the fulcrum, less force has to be placed on the trigger to move the trigger to the rear.  The result is a decreased perceived pull weight.  Alternatively, the shooter also has the choice to move the finger up or down slightly, based on his or her individual needs and preference in trigger feel.
  • The bottom of the Apex flat-faced trigger has a slight ledge.  This feature helps in two respects.  First, it gives the shooter a consistent landmark, so that the shooter can precisely place their finger on the trigger in the same place, for consistency.  In addition to this, the ledge also serves to prevent the shooters finger from sliding off the trigger shoe.

Trigger Pull Characteristics

  • The trigger pull on this Apex trigger kit is significantly different than the trigger pull on  a stock M&P.  The trigger included in his Apex kit ha stops that limit pre-travel and over-travel.
  • If you have run an M&P with a standard, stock trigger, you will quickly note that there is a lot of slack in the trigger between where the trigger sits at it forward most and where you feel the wall.  The Apex Tactical Flat Faced Trigger decreases this slack tremendously.  With the Apex trigger, there is much less slack to take up from where the trigger starts to where the wall is. 
  • In addition to this decreased pre-travel, the forward set trigger will also decrease over travel.  Over travel is the distance from where the trigger breaks until it can no longer move any farther back.  By incorporating an over-travel stop, your finger and trigger will come to rest much sooner than a stock trigger.
  • These two characteristics combined results in substantially less overall trigger movement. 
  • With this M&P trigger kit, the trigger pull weight will also be different than a stock trigger.  This trigger is rated between a 4-5 pound trigger pull, depending on the trigger return spring used.  Many users find that they are able to achieve better accuracy with a decreased trigger pull weight.  This may be cause when you pull the trigger, the rest of your finger may go through a sympathetic response.  This means that the rest of your fingers may increase their tension.  This increase in tension way cause a deviation in your shot and therefore, could result in errant shots.  With a decreased trigger pull, you are less likely to experience a sympathetic response as large as with a heavier trigger pull.

Maintained Safety

  • With the Apex trigger kit, all original safety mechanisms are maintained.  The trigger features the center mounted “safe action” or trigger safety that is integrated into he trigger face itself.  Additionally, although the pre-travel and over travel are reduce, the trigger does maintain use of the striker block drop safety.


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