Apex Tactical Smith & Wesson M&P Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kit FSS

Apex Tactical Smith & Wesson M&P Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kit FSS

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What does the Apex Trigger Feel like?

  • The Forward Set Sear Trigger kit from Apex Tactical results in a significant alteration in the trigger pull characteristics of your Smith & Wesson M&P series pistol.
  • The first, and most obvious difference that you will notice when you have this trigger kit installed is a visual difference.  This M&P trigger kit replaces the stock polymer trigger shoe with an aluminum trigger bow.  The stock M&P trigger has a built in safety mechanism that is activated by the articulated trigger.  This trigger articulation safety feature can give the trigger a slightly awkward feeling and makes the trigger feel like it has a lot of pre-travel.  The trigger bow included with this Apex trigger kit is made of aluminum and has a trigger safety that provides the safe level of safety as the stock trigger, but goes about it in a different fashion.  Where the stock M&P trigger had a mid-mounted articulation, the Apex trigger is one solid piece.  The Apex M&P trigger has a trigger safety that is much more akin to a Glock type trigger safety.  The trigger safety consists of a centrally located blade within the trigger that is deactivated when the shooter places his or her finger on the trigger. By doing away with the articulated trigger design, the single piece trigger offers the shooter a much more solid feel, which translates into greater feedback that the shooter can get through the trigger.
  • The APEX FSS kit changes just about every aspect of the trigger feel in your M&P trigger.  As the name of the kit implies, the trigger is more forward set when compared to a stock trigger.  The trigger break point is not as far back as it is with the standard trigger.  This can be advantageous to shooters with larger hands, or if you just like to have the trigger farther forward.
  • The Apex M&P forward set trigger drastically reduces overall trigger travel.  Due to redesigned geometry in the trigger, the pre-travel of the trigger is drastically reduce.  In the M&P stock trigger, there was a large amount of trigger slack or take-up before you would get to the wall, beyond which the trigger would break.  With the Apex M&P trigger, the trigger pre-travel is essentially non-existent compared to the stock trigger.  Once you place your finger on the trigger, only very little movement to the rear is needed before you feel the wall before the trigger breaks.
  • Also, the Apex Aluminum Forward Set Sear & trigger kit has decreased over-travel.  With the stock M&P trigger, the trigger moved all the way to the back, until the trigger contacts the frame.  With the Apex kit, the trigger has very little rearward movement after the trigger breaks.
  • The M&P stock trigger wasn’t known for having the crispest trigger break.  The stock trigger in the M&P has a rather spongey and vague break.  The Forward Set Sear & Trigger system from Apex changes that.  The trigger break is much more crisp and precise, making for a more consistent trigger experience.
  • This trigger kit will result in a trigger pull that should be approximately 4-5.5 pounds


  • This M&P trigger kit is designed to work with most of the pistol in the M&P line up.   This trigger kit can be installed in 9mm, .40 Smith & Wesson, .357 Sig and .45 ACP models, including 5”, full-size and compact models that utilize a sear block with a 1/8” diameter sear plunger (M&P’s manufactured after June 2011).
  • This trigger kit is not compatible with the M&P shield.  However, Apex does offer a M&P shield trigger kit.

Included Parts

  • The Apex Forward Set Seat & Trigger kit includes 10 pieces.  These pieces include the Aluminum trigger, the forward set sear, a new striker block, a striker block spring, a talon tactical tool used to aid installation of the striker block components, a sear spring, a RAM spring (only to be used if you previously purchased a RAM and are now installing the FSS Kit).  A trigger slave pin to make trigger installation easier, and two trigger return springs (4 lbs and a green 5.5 pound trigger).


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    this is an awesome trigger, i placed one in my M&P.40 and it is sweet it improved my accuracy by a lot and it wasn’t hard to install myself. so far it seems to be a very safe trigger as well i wouldn’t advise trying it but i did have two moments where i did drop my firearm out of my 17ft deer stand with a round chamberd

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