Apex Tactical M&P Shield Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Trigger Kit 100-051

Apex Tactical M&P Shield Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Trigger Kit 100-051

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Overview of the Apex Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Action Enhancement & Trigger Kit

  • The Shield Carry/Duty kit from Apex is designed to give your Smith & Wesson M&P Shield a much more refined, predictable trigger pull that maintains the rugged reliability that the M&P’s are known for.


Different Trigger Characteristics

  • The Apex Shield Action & Trigger kit includes an all aluminum replacement trigger.  This trigger takes the place of the old, plastic, double hinged trigger and replaces it with a solid, aluminum trigger.  Since the trigger is solid and does not have the mid-mounted hinged safety, like the stock trigger, it gives the trigger a much more solid feeling.  By using the aluminum trigger and doing away with the hinge, the trigger has much less flex in it, giving the shooter greater feedback and a feeling of greater control over the trigger.  In addition to this, the solid, aluminum trigger has a different geometry than the stock trigger and reduces the pre-travel and over-travel by approximately 20%.  A reduction of pre-travel means that when you initially put your finger in the trigger, the trigger will require less rearward movement before reaching the “wall” where the trigger will break.  This allows you to prep the trigger faster and prevents unnecessary movement.
  • Although the Apex Shield trigger kit replaces the stock trigger, it does maintain a trigger safety mechanism.  The trigger safety mechanism used in the Apex trigger kit is much more akin to a Glock style trigger safety system.  Both the factory original trigger safety mechanism, as well as the safety in the Apex trigger do not allow the trigger to be pulled unless your finger is in contact with the lower portion of the trigger.
  • The Apex Trigger and Action enhancement kit will decrease your pull weight.  The pull weight will be reduced by approximately 2 pounds, although this may be more or less, as the factory trigger pull weights do have a bit of variation.



  • The Apex Trigger kit for M&P shield is designed to be compatible with the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield.  It can be installed in either the 9mm or .40 S&W versions.



  • This Apex kit from with the following components…
    • Aluminum Trigger
    • Slave pin for trigger return spring installation
    • Sear
    • Polished Striker Block
    • Striker block spring
    • Talon Tactical installation tool
    • Spring set
    • Sear spring
    • Trigger return spring



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