Apex Tactical S&W M&P Polymer Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kit (100-024)

Apex Tactical S&W M&P Polymer Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kit (100-024)

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Included Components

  • Polymer forward Set Trigger
  • Forward Set Seat
  • Replacement striker Block
  • Striker block spring
  • Talon Tactical installation tool
  • Spring Set
  • RAM Spring (only needed if you have a previously installed RAM kit)
  • Trigger slave pin for easier trigger spring installation


What can you expect from the Apex Polymer Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kit?

  • As the name implies, this trigger kit places the trigger farther forward that the stock trigger of your M&P.  Additionally, the trigger does not have to travel as far to the rear before the trigger reaches it’s maximum travel. This may be advantageous for shooters with longer fingers, or those who just prefer a more forward set trigger. 
  • This Apex trigger kit also changes the overall travel of the M&P trigger.  This Apex polymer trigger kit will dramatically decrease pre-travel.  What this means is that, when you first place your finger on the trigger, the trigger will take less movement to the rear to reach the wall and brake the shot.  In addition to reduce pre-travel, the Apex polymer trigger will also give you decreased over-travel.  This means that after the shot brakes, the trigger will continue traveling to the rear to a lesser amount.
  • This Apex M&P trigger kit will also give you a cleaner, more crisp trigger brake.  The trigger brake on stock Smith & Wesson M&P pistols is rather vague and somewhat “spongey.”  This Apex kit makes the trigger brake much more clean, crisp and predictable. 


What is the Difference between the Polymer FS Trigger and the Aluminum FS Trigger?

  • The difference between this trigger kit and the original Apex FSS Trigger Kit, is the material that the triggers are made out of.  The reason why Apex later released this Polymer trigger was to have a most cost competitive product.  The original aluminum trigger was made out of a more expensive material and was more expensive to machine.  Due to the ease of manufacture of polymer parts, the polymer trigger is able to come in at a lower price.  As far as performance is concerned, the difference between the polymer and aluminum is essentially negligible.  There may be slightly more flex in the polymer trigger.  However, the most detail-oriented persons will only notice this when they are slowly and carefully trying to detect a difference.  In practical or tactical type shooting situations, you will not likely be able to tell a difference between the polymer or aluminum triggers.



  • The user can install this trigger kit.  Apex Tactical has supplied a vast resource of materials to make installation easier.  Only minimal tools are needed.  However, f you are unsure of your ability to install this trigger kit, please have a competent gunsmith take care of it for you.

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