Apex Tactical S&W M&P Shield Carry Kit (SCK)

Apex Tactical S&W M&P Shield Carry Kit (SCK)

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How Will the Apex Shield Carry Kit Improve Your Trigger?

The Apex Shield Trigger Kit will improve several characteristics of the trigger pull.  By utilizing the supplied Ultimate Striker Block, you will be able to notice a smoother trigger pull, with less grittiness that is typically associated with the stock triggers.  Additionally, due to altered geometry of the sear and a placement of the trigger return spring, the trigger pull will be lighter by approximately 2-pounds.  Although the trigger will be lighter than stock, it will still be in the commonly accepted range for service/carry pistol to avoid unintentional discharges.  The trigger will also have a shorter over-travel and a more distinct trigger reset.


This trigger kit is designed to work with the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Pistol.  It will work in both the Shield 9mm and the Shield .40 S&W.


This Kit can also be used in conjunction with the Apex Shield Action Enhancement Trigger.  The Apex SCK will also work with the standard factory trigger.



Apex tactical advises that this kit is engineered to be able to be installed by the end user with minimal tools and knowledge necessary.  However, Apex Tactical Specialties advises that installation of the Ultimate Striker Block may be best handled by a armorer or gunsmith.   For installation instructions please view the video below. 


Included Components of the Shield Carry Kit

  • Fully Machined Sear
  • Trigger Return Spring
  • Ultimate Striker Block Kit
  • Slave Pin for Easier Installation
  • Talon Tactical Installation Tool
  • 1/8” Sear Spring
  • Striker Block Spring
  • Ultimate Striker Block


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