Apex Tactical S&W Shield Action Enhancement Trigger (100-050)

Apex Tactical S&W Shield Action Enhancement Trigger (100-050)

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This replacement trigger is designed as a direct replacement trigger, compatible with the Smith & Wesson Shield, concealed carry pistol on .40 S&W, or 9mm.  It is also a great addition to Shield Duty/ Carry Kit from Apex.


This trigger changes the feel and characteristics of the stock Shield trigger. With this Apex Trigger, the overall trigger travel is decreased.  The trigger pre-travel and over-travel are reduced by approximately 20%.  The means that there is less trigger travel before you reach the “wall” and break the shot.  Additionally, after you fire the shot, your finger will have to travel forward a decreased distance in order to reset the trigger.


The basic design of the trigger has been alter.  This apex trigger has a smooth face and lacks the jointed design of the stock M&P Shield trigger.  This trigger is a single piece with a center-mounted safety, similar to what is found on Glock pistols.  The center-mounted safety functions to prevent an accidently discharge, as it will not let the trigger be depressed, unless the safety bar is also depressed such as when this shooter places their finger on the trigger.


This kit includes an aluminum trigger, as well as a trigger return spring installation slave pin.

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