DoubleStar ARFX ACE Skeleton Stock w/ Buffer Tube for AR-15 (A101B)

DoubleStar ARFX ACE Skeleton Stock w/ Buffer Tube for AR-15 (A101B)

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The ACE ARFX skeleton Stock is a light weight and fast to action fixed AR-15 Stock.  The stock is extremely comfortable and rigid, giving you’re a solid feel to your carbine and a comfortable shooting experience.



The AFRX stock is designed to be used on an AR-15.  The package includes the stock, as well as a rifle length buffer tube.  The stock can easily been installed on any standard AR-15 lower receiver. 


Buffer Tube Padding

The ACE skeleton stock comes with several options for padding.  Since the stock leaves the buffer tube exposed, they have included some foam padding.  This padding slips over the included buffer tube.


This makes for a very soft and comfortable cheek weld surface, whether you’re are shooting left or right handed.


In addition to this, the foam padding also helps to mitigate vibration for the buffer tube. 


Further more, the foam padding insulates your face.  If you leave your rifle out in the sun on a hot day or if it is cold outside, the foam padding will be exceedingly more comfortable than a metal buffer tube or polymer stock.


The foam used in this configuration was chosen due to its extreme durability.  The foam is able to withstand gun cleaning chemical, salt water, UV radiation and general hard use.



The AFRX is the original minimalist stock. In order to give you the maximum performance with minimal weight, this stock has been stripped down to only the bare essentials.  The stock is extremely stout and robust, but it does not give you anything that you do not need.  By minimizing bulk, this enables you to have a lighter and more maneuverable rifle.



The stock comes with a rubberized butt pad.  The stock is able to be utilized without he pad installed, however, the butt pad does offer some benefits.  The rubber pad will increase the length of pull slightly.  The pad has a concave surface profile.  When this is combined with the anti-slip rubber material, this stock will firmly grab onto your shoulder and prevent unwanted movement when firing.  Additionally, the rubber butt pad helps to mitigate forces and vibration when shooting.



Although this stock is minimalist in nature, it is extremely durable.  The stock is made from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy.  This gives the stock excellent strength characteristics while remaining light weight.  To give the stock it’s color, as well as to enhance corrosion resistance, the aluminum has been hard coat anodized.


Sling Integration 

The ARFX stock is set up to accommodate a sling.  The package comes with a 1.25″ sling swivel.  The sling swivel can be install in any one of 3 locations on the stock.  At the forward section of the stock, near here the buffer tube inserts into the lower receiver, the stock has a sling swivel location on the left and right side.  Additionally, the sling swivel can also be installed at the rear, bottom portion of the stock.

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