Arsenal Bulgarian Circle 10 AK-47 30rd 7.62x39mm Black Polymer Magazine (M47W)

Arsenal Bulgarian Circle 10 AK-47 30rd 7.62x39mm Black Polymer Magazine (M47W)

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Overview of Bulgarian Circle-10 AK-47 Mags from Arsenal

  • Circle-10 magazines are simply the premiere magazines for the AK-47.  Their hybrid polymer and steel design are miles ahead of antiquated surplus steel magazines.  In addition to this, these magazines are newly manufactured, unlike the surplus Com-Bloc magazines that are on the market.

Steel Reinforcement

  • These Arsenal AK-47 magazines are primarily composed of polymer, but have several steel reinforcements.  The feed lips of this magazine have a single piece, U-shaped steel reinforcement piece.  The reinforcement of this vital area prevents deformation and damage by increasing the rigidity and strength of the area.  As any AK enthusiast knowns, the front and rear locking lugs on the AK magazines are vital to their durability.  Inferior magazines and magazines that have locking lugs made from polymer are known to fail when tested.  The front and rear locking lugs of the Circle-10 magazines are reinforced with steel.  This vastly increases the durability of the magazine and makes them as rugged as the AK-47 itself.  
  • In addition to the locking lugs and feed lips, the entire front spine of the magazine has an integrated steel reinforcement ladder.  This reinforcement piece serves t increase the rigidity of the magazine and also prevent the nose of the bullets from eroding the polymer.  This vastly decreases wear and increases service life of the AK mag.
  • The final section that is steel reinforced in the bottom rails that interface with the base plate.  By reinforcing this section, the floor plate is able to have a firm purchase on the magazine body, ensuring that a failure will not occur.

Waffle Patterned Polymer Body

  • The exterior portion of the magazine body features a blocked pattern, better known as a waffle pattern. This unique pattern serves to increase the rigidity and thereby the durability of the magazine.  The waffle pattern adds material to the magazine without all of the excess weight that would be caused by simply increasing the wall thickness of the Circle-10 AK mag.  In addition to this increase in rigidity, the waffle pattern can increase grip traction, making the magazine easier to handle.


Follower and Spring

  • The springs used in the Bulgarian AK magazines are substantially superior to other springs.  The springs used are heavy duty and generally have more coils than springs of competitors magazines.  This results in increased spring tension, which will increase service life and decrease the likelihood of malfunctions.  
  • The followers used in these Arsenal AK magazines have an anti-tilt design.  This prevents the round from binding in the magazine causing a stoppage which can be difficult to correct. 

Spring Keeper and Floor Plate

  • In order to make magazine disassembly and maintenance easier, the spring keeper in these Bulgarian mags is captive and has a spring guide.  By being captive, the keeper is easier to remove with the spring during disassembly.  Also, the integrated spring guide prevents spring binding, thereby enhancing reliability of the magazine.
  • The attention to detail in these magazines continues with the base pads.  These floor plates are made from metal and have reinforcement ribs to increase strength and rigidity to prevent deformation.  The floor plates are held in place by a lock plate.  For disassembly you need only press up on the lock plate with the tip of a round and then simply slide the floor plate off.

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