Arsenal AK-74 Bulgarian Circle-10 5.45x39mm 45-Round Waffle Magazine Black (M-74B45)

Arsenal AK-74 Bulgarian Circle-10 5.45x39mm 45-Round Waffle Magazine Black (M-74B45)

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45-Round capacity

Designed for AK-74 patterned rifles


Waffle Pattern


Bulgarian Circle-10 magazines are well known to be some of the highest quality and most reliable magazines available for the AK-74.  Their iconic waffle styling and extended 45-round capacity give them a distinctive look that really sets off your AK.


The Arsenal Circle-10 AK mags are hybrid magazines, composed primarily of polymer with steel reinforcements.  These magazines have integrated steel inserts at key stress points to ensure durability and longevity of the magazine.  As most AK users known, the front and rear locking lugs can go under severe stress.  This is why many AK shooters are hesitant to use fully polymer AK magazines, as they are known to occasionally fail under stress at the locking lugs. In the Circle-10 AK-74 magazines, both the front and rear locking lugs have steel inserts.  This steel reinforcements prevent and advanced wear or cracking at these vital areas.


In addition to the front and rear locking lugs, the Bulgarian waffle AK-74 mags also have steel reinforced feed lips.  The reinforce feed lips provide increased strength and durability.  Due to the steel reinforcement, these magazines are better able to cope with accidental drops on the feed lips.  Also, the reinforcement can prevent feed lip spreading.


The front strap of this waffle mag also has s steel reinforcement insert.  This insert protects the magazine from the bullet tips.  Additionally, this long steel piece provides excellent rigidity and works into the front locking lug.


The bottom of the magazine has another steel reinforcement.  This reinforcement allows for a solid mounting point for the steel floor plate.


The waffle patterning on the exterior of the magazine gives the magazine a distinctive look and also has a functional purpose.  This patterning adds extra material to the magazine, thereby increasing rigidity and the durability of the magazines.  Also the ribbing can make grabbing the magazine easier during magazine changes.


To ensure smooth, reliable feeding, the Bulgarian Circle-10 magazines have powerful heavy-duty springs.  These springs help to increase the service life of these magazines and ensure that your magazines are able to keep up with the cyclic rate of your AK.


In addition to the above features, these 5.45x39mm AK-74 mags have anti-tilt followers, locking plates with integrated spring guides, and ribbed base plates for enhanced strength.

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