Ammunition Storage Components (ASC) AR-15 7.62x29mm 30-Round Magazine (7.62x39RD-SS)

Ammunition Storage Components (ASC) AR-15 7.62x29mm 30-Round Magazine (7.62x39RD-SS)


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Ammunition Storage Components makes some of the best made magazines on the Market.  This 7.62x39mm magazine is the perfect pair you’re your AR-15!  Made from steel, this magazine will stand up to hard use and will give you a long, reliable service life!



Ammunition Storage Components boasts this magazine as “undeniably the 1st fully reliable 7.62×39 on the market.”  This magazine is high quality and engineered to run long and strong.


Made Tough

The body of the magazine is made from a durable steel.  0.020 gauge 410 stainless steel alloy is what is used to form the magazine body.  This steel goes through a heat treating process to give his material even more strength and endurance.  In addition to the heat treatment process, the magazines are also chemically treated.  This chemical treatment process increased corrosion resistance.  After this process has been completed, the magazines are finished in a Marlube finish that is proprietary to ASC mags.  This coating actually burnishes into the surface thereby providing a self-lubricating surface. 



The internal components of the 7.62x39mm AR-15 magazine are no less impressive that the rugged steel exterior.  Providing upward pressure to feed the rounds into your AR is a chrome silicon spring.  Chrome silicon is an excellent spring material that can withstand thousands of cycle while maintaining firm upward pressure.   This ensure smooth feeding and high reliability.  The chrome silicon spring is connected to a polymer follower.  The follower has been specially designed be have a anti-tilt feature.  This adds another layer of reliability by decreasing the chance of the follower binding.

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