ASC Mag 545X39 30Rd Black AR Rifles 5.45X39-30RD-SS

ASC Mag 545X39 30Rd Black AR Rifles 5.45X39-30RD-SS


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  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Best there is for 5.45 AR!

    This site has the best price I’ve found! I have had 10 of these for my AR and recently purchased 10 more from ineedmoregear because their price is right. Other brand mags for 5.45 have problems galore. These ASC mags are also known to fail-to-feed and issues with the follower hanging up. But, however, these “will” work flawlessly if you spend a bit of time with them. That’s why I gave 3 stars for quality. What you have to do is remove the bottom plate, put the spring and follower, and shine a light on the inside. You’ll see the weld areas on the seams have “slag” that wasn’t removed. Use a file/screwdriver or whatever you have to knock off the slag and smooth it over. Then spray a lube of sort on the inside and run a rag through it. And viola, a reliable and smooth operating mag for your 5.45 AR!

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