AXTS Raptor Charging Handle for AR-15 (RAPT-556-BLK)

AXTS Raptor Charging Handle for AR-15 (RAPT-556-BLK)


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Features of the AXTS Raptor Charging Handle

Compatible with AR-15

Machined from 7075-T6 Aluminum


Mil-Spec Black Anodizing

Tested at Over 1 Million Cycles Without Failure



Overview of the AXTS Raptor


The AXTS is an ambidextrous AR-15 charging handle with a rather unique design.  Whether you are left hand or right-handed, use the thumb pinch method or palm balding, this charging handle will be perfect for your needs


Designed for the Modern GunFighter

The original AR-15 charging handle was effective on the original design.  However, as the AR-15/M16 began to evolve, further revisions became necessary.  For instance, most AR-15 variations today have a flat top receiver.  Several users choose to mount a red dot optic or larger variable or fixed power scope on their AR-15.  By mounting an optic on your AR-15, the may cause a clearance issue, making it more difficult to access your charging handle.


In addition to equipment concerns, the techniques for manipulating the AR-15 have also evolved over time.  The original method for charging the rifle was to use the “bunny ears” method.  This involved wrapping your index finger and middle finger around either side of the t-handle and pulling back.  This was generally done with the dominant hand.  This is in contrast to more modern method.  In the current state, several individuals and firearms trainers are using and advocating for a “palm blading” method to manipulate the charging handle.  The rationale for using this method is two fold. First, it is a more gross motor movement that circumvents the need for small, movements with your finger.  Second, with this method, you can maintain a firing grip with your dominant hand. The AXTS Raptor is ideally suited for all of the aforementioned methods of manipulation.


Rugged Design


When the Ambidextrous Raptor charging handle was initially developed, it was done so with the goal of being the best, most advanced charging handle on the market.  For this reason, every detail was scrutinized.  To start, the Raptor is machined from a solid piece of 7075-T6 aluminum.  This particular alloy of aluminum is known for its extreme tensile strength while also maintaining a light weight, making it an ideal choice for the Raptor.  This AR-15 charging handle also features oversized roll pins.  When running charging handles hard, the rolls pins can often be the point of failure in inferior charging handles.  With the beefed up pins used in the AXTS Raptor, this potential failure point is no longer a concern.  The Raptor features enlarged latches.  These enlarged surfaces are also serrated to allow for a very positive grip with your handle.  The large and slip resistant latches allow for fast and easy manipulation.  Whether you use the handle on the left or right, the levers will release the locking latch, allowing you to manipulate the rifle.

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