Battle Arms Development LightWeight Stock Kit w/ SaberTube / QD End Plate / BAD-LBS

Battle Arms Development LightWeight Stock Kit w/ SaberTube / QD End Plate / BAD-LBS

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Specifications of the BAD Lightweight Stock Kit

Includes SaberTube, QD End Plate & BAD-LBS

Total weight of approximately 6.9 Ounces

Compatible with Mil-Spec AR-15 Lower Receivers


Overview of the BAD Lightweight Stock

The Battle Arms Development Lightweight Stock Kit includes all of the components need to build the lightest AR-15 stock on the planet.  This stock is perform for an ultra-light AR-15 build.  With Battle Arms Development’s commitment to producing the best products, this stock is sure to impress you!


Receiver Extension

Battle Arms Development has developed a specialized receiver extension/buffer tube that they call the SaberTube.  This SaberTube was designed to be functional, light weight, clean and elegant.  This AR-15 component starts out life as a solid billet of 6061 aluminum.  This aluminum is aircraft grade and known for it’s high tensile strength and low weight, making it the perfect material for the job. During the machining process, The external surface of the receiver extension tube is dimpled.  This helps to remove excess weight will minimizing any rigidity loss.   After the buffer tube is fully machined, it is then finished in a mil-spec type III class 2 hard coat anodizing.  This finished process gives the SaberTube its black color and helps to increase corrosion resistance and wear resistance.  The SaberTube is a few inches longer than a standard AR-15 carbine buffer tube but remains compatible with a mil-spec carbine buffer and buffer spring.  The innovative design of the SaberTube also eliminates the need for a castle nut.


End Plate

The AR-15 end plate included in this kit is another excellent Battle Arms Development product.  The plate is machined from 7075-T6 aluminum and finished in the same hard coat anodizing as the SaberTube.  This BAD end plate has a built in sling attachment point.  The lower portion of the end plate and a center mounted QD sling swivel cup to allow you to clip in your QD compatible sling.  This center mounting location will work equally well for left or right handed shooters and will also facilitate efficient should to shoulder transitions.  To prevent your sling from becoming tangled, the integrated QD attachment point has a limited degree of rotation.


Lightweight Butt Stock

Bringing up the rear in this ultralight weight AR-15 stock kit is the BAD-LBS.  This stock is about as minimalist as it gets, but still gets the job done.  It is machined aircraft grade 7075-T6 aluminum and finished with hard coat anodizing. This component comes in at a very trim 2.8 Ounces and is only compatible with the BAD SaberTube.  To give you even more versatility with your sling positioning, it also has a built-in non-rotating QD sling attachment point.



All Battle Arms Development products are coved by a 12-month manufacturer warranty.  For warranty service and repair, please contact Battle Arms Development.

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