Bravo Company BCMGUNFIGHTER 5.56mm Mod 1 Compensator 1/2×28 BCM-GFC-MOD-1-556

Bravo Company BCMGUNFIGHTER 5.56mm Mod 1 Compensator 1/2×28 BCM-GFC-MOD-1-556

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  • The Mod 1 muzzle device is different from the mod.0 in that it is slightly longer.  This increased length is so that this muzzle brake can be installed on a 14.5” barrel and then permanently affixed to make your barrel no less than 16”, making your firearm not affected by the NFA laws.  This permanent fixation should be done by a qualified gun smith
  • A pre-drilled hole at the base of the device allows for easy permanent installation
  • This muzzle device was not primarily designed for competition use.  It was designed for real world tactical applications that demand several characteristics from a muzzle device
  • This muzzle device was designed to be optimally effective and balanced in felt recoil reduction, flash/light signature reduction, lateral pressure amelioration, and to not produce as punishing a noise as most other muzzle brakes on the market
  • Due to this muzzle device being effective at many different tasks, it is ideally suited for a close quarters environment where the reduction in felt recoil can result in faster follow up shots, and the reduction in flash signature can prevent temporary flash blindness that can occur with muzzle brakes used at night.  Additionally, due to the alleviation of lateral pressure, a teammate standing next to you will not be subjected the as fierce of a concussive wave as normal muzzle brakes would result in.
  • Due to the profile of this muzzle device, it is compatible with A2 mounted sound suppressors
  • This muzzle device was machined from stainless steel and has a durable black coating for optimal corrosion prevention
  • This product comes with a crush was for installation.

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