Bravo Company BCMGUNFIGHTER AR-15 Grip Mod 2 Black BCM-GFG-MOD-2-BLACK

Bravo Company BCMGUNFIGHTER AR-15 Grip Mod 2 Black BCM-GFG-MOD-2-BLACK

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What is this?

  • Reduced Grip angle
  • Interchangeable back straps
  • Made in the USA
  • Grip storage area with hinged door access
  • Increased grip width

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  • The BCM GUNFIGHTER Mod 2 grip is different from the Mod 0 and Mod 1 grips in that it is up to ¼” wider than the Mod 1 & Mod 0.  This increased width is the same width also present on the Mod 3 BCMGUNFIGHTER grip.
  • The Bravo company BCMGUNFIGHTER Mod 2 grip is designed to be used on the AR-15 rifle by shooters that utilize a more modern, squared up rifle shooting position.  The major difference between this grip and a traditional A1 or A2 style pistol grip, commonly seen on AR-15’s, is that the BCM Mod 2 grip has a reduced grip angle. This reduced grip angle makes for a more comfortable shooting position when utilizing a modern gunfighting rifle stance.  When using a more modern stance, a traditional, A2 grip can cause your wrist to go into excessive ulnar deviation.  By reducing the grip angle, modern gunfighters will not have to ulnar deviate their wrist as much, leading to a more comfortable and repeatable shooting position.
  • The package includes two interchangeable front straps.  You will receive one extended, duckbill front strap that is designed to take up the space between the grip and the trigger guard.  You will also received a smooth faced front strap, intended for use with enlarged trigger guards that need more clearance.
  • The Mod 2 is a modular grip that you can customize to your preferred fitment.  Included with this grip are interchangeable backstraps.  These backstraps can be swapped out to allow you to make the most comfortable pistol grip based on your hand size, shooting technique and personal preferences
  • Storage space on a carbine can be a premium.  This is why BCM has integrated a storage compartment in the base of the grip, this storage compartment is protected and accessed through a hinged trap door at the base of the grip that is seal by a rubber gasket.

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