Bravo Company BCMGUNFIGHTER AR-15 Mod 0 Grip Black BCM-GFG-MOD-0-BLACK

Bravo Company BCMGUNFIGHTER AR-15 Mod 0 Grip Black BCM-GFG-MOD-0-BLACK

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  • The Mod 1 Grip is designed as a drop in replacement pistol grip for our AR-15 rifle
  • Made from impact resistant polymers, this grip will put up with hard use and will give you a long service life.
  • The Bravo Company BCMGUNFIGHTER Mod 1 grip is designed for the modern gunfighter that uses a more modern isosceles shooting stance.  By utilizing this stance, as compared to the more traditional bladed rifle stance, a reduced grip angle is more ergonomic than the traditional grip angle found on A2 style grips.
  • In addition to enhanced ergonomics, the Mod 1 Grip from BCM offers storage.  A latched trap door at the base of the grip can hinge to the rear, thereby exposing a storage cavity that can house small replacement parts, lubrication, etc.  This storage compartment is sealed with a rubber gasket, making it highly resistant to infiltration by debris.
  • Each grip ship with 2 different inserts.  These inserts can be used to close the gap between the grip and the trigger guard.  Or, there is a low profile insert that will not close up the gap, but will allow the use of larger trigger guards, should you already have one installed.
  • Please keep in mind that BCM holds there products to a high standard and test fits products to ensure that they will function once they get to you.  As an attribute of this test fitting process, there may be some artifacts on your product that could have been caused by this test fitting process.

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