Bravo Company BCMGUNFIGHTER AR-15 Mod 1 Grip Black BCM-GFG-MOD-1-BLK

Bravo Company BCMGUNFIGHTER AR-15 Mod 1 Grip Black BCM-GFG-MOD-1-BLK

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What is this?

  • Drop in AR-15 Pistol Grip Replacement
  • Reduced grip angle for modern shooting techniques
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Storage area with hinged door access
  • Includes extended and smooth modular inserts
  • Enhanced Texturing for added traction

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  • The BCM GunFighter Mod 1 grip differs from the Mod 0 grip in that this Mod 1 grip has an integrated beaver tail
  • The BCM Mod 1 GunFighter grip is an evolution from the standard A1 and A2 pistol grips still seen on some AR-15’s today.  The evolution of the grip design was brought about by the evolution of the standard shooting stance.  An older, more traditional rifle-shooting stance has the shooter standing in a very bladed position.  Due to the evolution of shooting techniques and philosophies, and also the more common use of body armor, shooters are moving away from extreme bladed stances and are using a more squared up stance, where their chest is always directly facing the target.  With this change in body posture during shooter, the traditional grip angle of the AR-15/M16/M4 is not optimized for this position.  Taking this into account, BCM has engineered this piece to have a more vertical grip angle.  This change in grip angle is designed to give the modern gunfighter a more comfortable hand position when shooting by working with the bodies natural ergonomics
  • In addition to this grip redesigned grip angle, the Mod 1 grip also features storage compartment integrated into the pistol that is accessible via a hinged trap door at the base of the grip.  This trap door stores and protects the storage compartment contents and seals the opening with a rubber gasket for another layer of protection.
  • In addition to the grip itself, each package will include an extended, as well as a smooth modular insert.  The extended insert is designed to be used in conjunction with the stock trigger guard and serves to will in the gap between the trigger guard and the grip.  The smooth insert can be used with larger trigger guards that require more clearance.
  • Please note that to ensure they are producing a good, quality products, BCM test fits the components.  This test fitting may cause some artifacts to be present on your product.

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