Bravo Company BCM KeyMod Rail KMR-15 HandGuard (BCM-KMR-15-556-BLK)

Bravo Company BCM KeyMod Rail KMR-15 HandGuard (BCM-KMR-15-556-BLK)

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Main Features of the Bravo Company KeyMod Rail KMR-15

  • Designed for AR-15’s
  • 15” in length
  • Light weight and highly durable
  • Patented and strong mounting system
  • Free Floating
  • Includes mounting hardware and barrel nut wrench
  • 7 sides of KeyMod accessory mounting slots
  • Top Picatinny rail
  • Includes 2 KeyMod mounted Picatinny rail sections

Overview of the Bravo Company KeyMod Rail

  • Designed for installation on standard AR-15 upper receivers
  • One of the most unique aspects of the KMR AR-15 rail from Bravo Company Manufacturing is that is made from a blend of aluminum and magnesium.  This is different from most other rails on the market that are simple machines from aluminum.  This blend of aluminum and magnesium allows for a reduction in weight which retaining strength.  As a matter of fact, the magnesium and aluminum blend used to make this rail can weight 30-40% less than aluminum with the same strength properties.  What this means to you is that this large, 15” rail only weight 5.9 ounces for the hand guard alone.  Compared to other aluminum rails on the market, this is a substantial reduction in weight.  Also, keep in might that this will prevent weight at the front of the rifle, where it has the most leverage and will be the most noticeable.  The mounting hardware used for the BCM KMR weight another 2.2 ounces for a total, installed weight of 8.1 ounces making it little more than over half the weight of other, comparable 15-inch rails.
  • The BCM KMR-15 is a free-floating design to allow your AR-15 to reach its maximum accuracy potential.  The KMR KeyMod rail system mounts to your AR-15 via a proprietary patent pending method.  This unique mounting method was engineered to minimize 12 o’clock rail movement due to heat generated from sustained firing that can travel to the rail via the barrel nut.
  • This railed hand guard had a 1.3” inner diameter and a 1.5” outer diameter (from flat to flat).  The mounting hardware used for installation weighs 2.2 ounces
  • Since the KMR is not make of traditional aluminum alloy, it does not utilize the traditional hard coat anodizing finish.  The finish used on this rail was originally developed by the aerospace industry.  The finish put on this rail is a plasma deposition process that created a stabilized ceramic like surface.  This ceramic like surface is highly resistant to wear and superior to both anodizing and even hard chrome.  This coating used is extremely well sealed and lacks large pores on its surface.  In turn, this makes for excellent resistance to corrosion.
  • The newly developed KeyMod system was chosen for this rail for several reasons.  The KeyMod mounting slots allow for incredible modularity and give the user a tremendous choice in where they can mount their accessories.  Additionally, since the KeyMod system is a negative space attachment method, this allows for a great amount of space savings. The KMR has a full length Picatinny rail on top and KeyMod mounting slots at the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions.  Additionally, the KMR offers 4 offset KeyMod sections, giving your 7 sides to mount your KeyMod accessories to and a top Picatinny rail

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