Bravo Company Manufacturing 13″ KMR Alpha AR-15 KeyMod Rail (BCM-KMR-A13-556-BLK)

Bravo Company Manufacturing 13″ KMR Alpha AR-15 KeyMod Rail (BCM-KMR-A13-556-BLK)

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The Bravo Company KMR is a KeyMod Rail system for the AR-15 that had several innovative improvements integrated into the design. BCM has now released the KMR-Alpha, which is a very similar rail system, with a few key differences. Which one is right for you? Read to product description below to decide which rail is the right choice for you.


What is the difference between the KMR and KMR-Alpha?

The main difference between the original BCM KMR and the newly released KMR-Alpha AR-15 handguard is the materials that they are made out of.


What was the original KMR rail Made from?

The original KMR was machined from a rather exotic magnesium and aluminum blended alloy. The blended alloy used by the original KMR gave the rail system the advantage of saving about 30% in weight while retaining similar strength characteristics as aluminum, which is used to make most other rails systems on the market.


What is the KMR-Alpha made out of?

The KMR-Alpha is machined out of 100% aluminum. This full aluminum construction gives the KMR-Alpha a few advantages over the magnesium and aluminum blended KMR rails. For one, aluminum is much more readily available than the blended alloy used to make the original KMR rails. If you have been interested in the KMR rails for any period of time, you may notice that they are difficult to find in stock. This is because the blended alloy is in short supply and simply not available. The new KMR-Alpha will not have this raw material supply issue. The aluminum used to make the KMR-Alpha is commonly used in the aerospace industry, and is also a common material used by other AR-15 rail manufacturers. With this the KMR-Alpha will always be in ready supply and will rarely, if ever go out of stock


What are the advantages of having an aluminum rail?

The aluminum construction of of the KMR-Alpha has a few implications for this product. The main benefit of the 100% aluminum construction is that is allows the KMR-Alpha to be much less expensive than the original KMR rail. Although there are some trade offs with the aluminum construction, if you are looking to save some cash while still getting an excellent quality AR-15 rail, the KMR-Alpha is the rail for you?


Is the Original KMR better than the KMR-Alpha?

Answering this question depends on what you are looking for in an AR-15 rail. As stated in the Previous section, if you are looking for a highly capable rail system, but want to save a few dollars, the KMR-Alpha is the choice for you. However there is one major metric in which the KMR is superior to the KMR-Alpha. The main advantage of the original KMR rail is that it is lighter in weight. The aluminum magnesium blended alloy used in the original KMR rail allows for about a 30% reduction in weight. For a 13” rail, this means that the original KMR is 2.2 ounces less than the all aluminum 13” KMR-Alpha. So, for those of you who are serious about saving every ounce of weight possible and don’t mind paying a little extra to do so, the original 13” KMR rail may be the right choice for you. However, if you are willing to sacrifice a little over 2 ounces for a rather significant decrease in price, you will likely be happier with the KMR-Alpha.

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