Bravo Company KMR Alpha 15″ Aluminum AR-15 KeyMod Rail HandGuard (BCM-KMR-A15-556-BLK)

Bravo Company KMR Alpha 15″ Aluminum AR-15 KeyMod Rail HandGuard (BCM-KMR-A15-556-BLK)

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The Bravo Company Manufacturing KMR Alpha rail is a new, all aluminum version of the original, revolutionary BCM KMR rail. This AR-15 KeyMod rail shares all the same design features as the original KMR but is made from aluminum. This aluminum construction allows this AR-15 rail to come in at a greatly reduced sale price!



The new Bravo Company KMR Alpha rail is precision machined from aircraft grade aluminum. This differs from the original KMR, which was formed from an aluminum magnesium alloy. Although the original KMR rail did have an advantage as far as a decrease in weight compared to the KMR Alpha, it can at a price, as the original KMR is quite a bit more expensive than the KMR Alpha. Additionally, the alloy used to make the original KMR handguards is in short supply. So, with a constant supply of aluminum, the Alpha KMR AR-15 rails should be readily available for the foreseeable future.

The aluminum used in this KeyMod handguard is also a very good material. This 15” long rail is still a very light 10.3 ounces, which is still light when compared to other rails on the market. The aluminum is coated with a hard coat black anodized finish. This finishing process produces a durable, back, non-reflective finish that also protects the aluminum from corrosion and wear. The aluminum used in this rail system is also very strong, durable and light weight.



The BCM KMR is based on the new KeyMod accessory mounting system. This mounting system has several advantages over the old Picatinny style rail. The KeyMod is a negative space mounting system. This means that instead of adding material to the base handguard to provide a mounting surface, material is actually taken away from the handguard to make the slots to allow for attachment. This allows for a substantial difference in weight when comparing an old picatinny quad rail to a new KeyMod rail of the same length. In addition to the weight savings, the KeyMod rail handguards are also much more comfortable to hold onto. The older Picatinny rails were affectionately known as cheese graters by some. This was due to the fact they the shape angles of the ribbed railing would often time dig into your hand, making for a less than desirable experience. The KeyMod mounting slots make for a much more smooth handguard surface. Further, the KeyMod rails are often significantly more narrow than the older picatinny rails. This allows the shooter to get a fuller, more complete grasp on the handguard in order to enhance control.

One of the most modular features of the KMR Alpha is the incredible versatility you have in mounting your accessories. In addition to the traditional 2, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock accessory mounting positions, the KMR alpha also has offset rail sections. The KMR alpha has 4 offset full length KeyMod slot sections. These offset sections allow you to easily mount your accessories in a more ergonomic position, making then easier to each and activate.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between the BCM KMR and the KMR Alpha?

The original KMR is made from an aluminum magnesium alloy blend. The KMR Alpha is made from 100% aluminum. The two materials have similar strength characteristics. However, the blended alloy of the original KMR allows it to be lighter. The original KMR-15 weighed just 8.1 ounces, where the KMR Alpha weighs a slightly heavier 10.3 ounces. There are two main advantages of the KMR Alpha. First is its availability. The blended alloy of the original KMR is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, hence the KMR rails are difficult to keep in stock. Whereas the aluminum used in the KMR alpha is in ready supply making it easy to produce and stock the KMR Alpha rails. The second benefit of the KMR Alpha is that it is significantly less expensive than the original KMR. So, by giving up a little over 2 ounces in weight, you gain availability and a much cheaper price.


Does the KMR Alpha Include Mounting Hardware?

Yes, the KMR Alpha includes all the necessary hardware to mount the handguard to your AR-15 uper receiver. This includes a barrel nut, barrel nut wrench adapter, and other miscellaneous mounting hardware.


Are there any accessories included with the KMR Alpha?

Yes, the BCM Keymod rails comes with a BCM KeyMod sling mount as well as a polymer picatinny rail section.


Can I install the BCM KeyMod Rail?

BCM advises that the BCM KMR Alpha should be installed by a competent and qualified gunsmith. You can view the installation instructions to get an overview of the installation process.


Will this fit a .308 AR rifle?

No. This handguard is designed to fit on an AR-15 chambered in .223/5.56x45mm or a comparable caliber.


What are the dimensions of the KMR?

1.3” inner diameter

1.5” outer diameter (flat to flat)


Is the KMR free-floating?

The the KMR is designed to be free floating.


Can I Use this rail with a standard fixed A2 style sight?

No, The 15” KMR Alpha must be used in conjunction with a low profile gas block.

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