Bravo Company BCM 10″ KMR AR-15 KeyMod HandGuard (BCM-KMR-10556-BLK)

Bravo Company BCM 10″ KMR AR-15 KeyMod HandGuard (BCM-KMR-10556-BLK)

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Primary Features of the BCM 10″ KMR KeyMod Rail

Includes installation materials

Includes Picatinny rail section

Extremely lightweight (6.3 ounces, including mounting hardware)

Aluminum Magnesium alloy

KeyMod Accessory mounting slots

Full length Picatinny top rail


Overview of the BCM 10 KMR AR-15 HandGuard


When BCM set out to create a rail system for the AR-15, they did so with the intention of revolutionizing the industry.  The BCM KMR gives the user extreme modularity and durability while keeping the weight so low that it is hard to believe.


The standout feature of the Bravo Company KeyMod Rail is the extreme light weight of the hand guard.  The hand guard, with all necessary mounting hardware weighs in at just 6.3 ounces!  This is even less that carbon fiber hand guards of a comparable length.  One of the reason why BCM was able to achieve this remarkable weight reduction was because of the KeyMod accessory mounting slots.  KeyMod present a negative space mounting solution.  This means that, unlike Picatinny rail sections, with KeyMod you take material away, versus adding material.  In addition to this, instead of using standard aluminum to machine the hand guard from, Bravo Company went with something different.  The KMR is machined from an exclusive aluminum and magnesium alloy blend.  This material allows for a 30-40% weight reduction when compared to aluminum alone.  Best of all, the material has similar strength properties to aluminum, so you are not loosing any durability. 


The KMR rail also uses a unique mounting system.  The mounting and lock-up system diminishes 12 o’clock movement of the rail under heat generated from the barrel nut.


Bravo Company also decided to move away from the standard hard coat anodizing finish that many other companies use.  The KMR uses a proprietary finish that is borrowed from the aerospace industry.  This finish is known as a plasma deposition process.  This process created a ceramic like surface of the KMR.  The ceramic like surface has superior wear resistance to anodizing and also has excellent corrosion resistance due to it’s lack of pores. 


The BCM KMR rail has unmatched modularity.  The KMR has a plethora  of different mounting options to mount your KeyMod compatible accessories.  In addition to the traditional 3, 6, and 9 o’clock KeyMod positions, the KMR also has KeyMod section at 4 offset positions, allow for great versatility.  This allows you more options to place your gear exactly where you need it, so that it is compatible with your shooting style.



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