Bravo Company BCMGUNFIGHTER AR-15 .223/5.56 Charging Handle Mod 4 Medium Latch BCM-GFH-556-MOD-4

Bravo Company BCMGUNFIGHTER AR-15 .223/5.56 Charging Handle Mod 4 Medium Latch BCM-GFH-556-MOD-4

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  • Extended (Medium) charging handle latch
  • Redesigned to decreased stress on roll pin
  • Machined from 7075 T6 Aluminum
  • Hard Coat anodizing
  • Compatible with DI AR-15’s
  • Features a medium size extended latch for easy gripping during manipulation
  • Charging handle is machined from 7075 T6 billet aluminum
  • Metal parts are finished with a type III, class 2 hard coat anodizing, per Mil-Specs
  • The Bravo Company Manufacturing GUNFIGHTER series of charging handles is similar to all of their other equipment.  This charging handle was developed in order to meet the demands of the modern day shooter.  As shooting techniques have evolved, so does the equipment being used.  With the original manual of arms used for the M16, a soldier would general utilize the charging handle with their fir control hand.  As techniques progressed, the current manual of arms leads to shooters maintaining their firing grip and manipulating the charging handle with the support hand only.  This led to the development and utilization of enlarged charging handle.  Although somewhat effective, this was an incomplete solution to the problem, as the fast and rough handling of the charging handle and the increased torque from the extended lever arm of the release latch lead to breakage.  The original 1/16” roll pin on the original style charging handle was simply not up for the task of handling this increased torque. A more thorough solution needed to be had. 
  • The BCMGUNFIGHTER charging handle represents the next generation of charging handles that can handle the rigorous use of warfighters, tactical trainers and armed civilians.  The innovative design of the BCM charging handle with extended latch solves the issue of snapping roll pins by engineering a design that takes the pressure off the roll pin and instead places that pressure onto the body of the charging handle.  This transfer of stress is accomplished by implementing a built in backstop for the latch and charging handle.  This backstop serves to limit the travel of the latch when it is opened up.  By limiting the travel, stress is taken off the roll pin and onto the entire body of the charging handle.
  • The new engineering features of the BCM Mod 4 charging handle offer two significant advantages over stock charging handles.  First, since the design takes force off the delicate roll pin, the system is much more robust and able to handle more force repeatedly.  Secondly, since the force put into the handle is kept inside the body of the handle, when the charging handle is pulled rearward, the entire assembly moves directly to the rear.
  • For warranty information/repair, please contact Bravo Company Manufacturing

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