Blade-Tech Glock 43 Klipt AIWB Holster

Blade-Tech Glock 43 Klipt AIWB Holster

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Specification of the Blade-Tech Glock 43 Klipt Holster

Compatible with Glock 43

Designed for Inside-Waist-Band Carry

Integrated Belt Clip

Designed for Right Handed Draw


Design of the Klip Holster

The Blade-Tech Glock 43 Klipt holster is a new holster designed to let you comfortably concealed carry your Glock pistol.  The Klipt holster was originally designed for appendix carry, but is extremely useful and comfortable for crossdraw IWB, strong-side straight pull, or strong side appendix carry.  The Klipt holster is able to adapt to a wide variety of carrying preferences.



The Glock 43 Klipt holster is molded from a very durable and sturdy thermoplastic.  This material will not collapse once you draw your pistol, like some leather and nylon holster.  The polymer Klipt holster will retain its shape, making for faster, easier and safer re-holstering.



The Klipt is designed to be extremely comfortable while remaining low profile.  With this in mind, Blade-Tech has integrated a belt clip into the design.  The belt clip can accommodate belts up to 1.74”.  


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