Bravo Company BCMGUNFIGHTER .308/7.62x51mm Charging Handle Mod 3 Large Latch BCM-GFH-762-MOD-3

Bravo Company BCMGUNFIGHTER .308/7.62x51mm Charging Handle Mod 3 Large Latch BCM-GFH-762-MOD-3

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  • Bravo Company Manufacturing is well known for their line of GunFighter Charging handles.  These charging handles have become known for their rugged construction and their ability to be run hard without having to worry about breakage.
  • This 7.62mm Large Frame AR Charging handle is compatible with the following rifles, DPMS LR-308, Bushmaster O.R.C./LR-308, Knight’s Armament SR25, Knight’s Armament MK11, Knight’s Armament M110, LaRue OSR, Noveske N6 308,  POF-USA 308,  Armalite AR-10, Lewis Machine & Tool LMT 308MWS, Ruger SR-762, Palmetto Armory PA-10, Aero Precision M5 and the Lancer L7
  • This charging handle is NOT compatible with the following rifles… Rock River Arms LAR-8, Bushmaster BAR-10, Sig Sauer SIG 716, Smith & Wesson MP-10, Colt LE901, H&K 417/MR762, and the DPMS R-25 GEN II.
  • This BCM Charging handle utilizes a large charging handle latch to enable you to use gross motor movements to manipulate the rifle.
  • The engineers at Bravo Company have redesigned this charging handle to differ from the original design.  The goal of the redesign was to make this charging handle more durable and able to put up with the abuse and techniques employed by modern gun fighters. Other companies have offer charging handles with enlarged latches; however, the roll pin often breaks in these products due to their inferior design.  The BCM charging handle incorporates a design that takes the stress off the roll pin and instead transmits that force to the main body of the charging handle.  This results in a more durable and less failure prone product that will give you years of reliable service.  

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