Bravo Company BCMGUNFIGHTER Mod 0 AR-15 Carbine Stock Black BCM-GFS-MOD-0-BLK

Bravo Company BCMGUNFIGHTER Mod 0 AR-15 Carbine Stock Black BCM-GFS-MOD-0-BLK

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What is this?

  • Compatible with Mil-Spec diameter buffer tubes
  • VBOST sling tab attachment interface
  • Integraded QD Sling cups
  • Durable and extremely stong locking block
  • Rubber butt pad
  • Enhanced cheek weld surface

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Overview of the Bravo Company BCMGUNFIGHTER Stock

  • The BCM AR-15 stock underwent development and testing for over a year.  The design goals were to make a lightweight stock that could withstand hard use and integrated several convenient features.  The Gunfighter stock is compatible with Mil-Spec diameter buffer tubes

Integrated Features

  • The BCMGUNFIGHTER AR-15 stock incorporates several convenient features that are designed to work with the shooter.  For instance, the stock has two types of sling mounting options that will work equally well for a left or right-handed shooter.  On either side of the stock, near the rear, you will find molded in QD sling swivel cups.  These are designed to be compatible with QD slings.  Due to the placement of the QD cups, the sling, once plugged into the QD cup, will not be able to rotate.  This will prevent your sling from becoming tangled.  In addition to the QD mounts, the stock has an integrated sling loop for direct sling attachment.
  • The BCM stock has a new, innovative feature, known as the VBOST (Vehicle Borne Operations Sling Tab).  This is a tab that is designed to hold a rubber band.  The idea of the feature is to allow the user to store a folded sling with the rubber band, allowing for more convenient storage and maneuverability inside a automobile.  Due to the location of the tab, the rubber band will not press against the locking release lever.  This avoids unintentional stock disengagement.  
  • The BCM GunFighter stock was designed to be among the strongest carbine stock in the industry.  With this goal in mind, during development, the engineering team paid particular attention to the locking block.  The revolutionary design of the BCM locking latch used in this stock equated to a tremendous increase in strength and durability.  The function of the locking block is to interface with the receiver extension on the rifle and hold the stock in place during operation.
  • For increased traction, the rear face of the stock has a rubberized texturing.  This helps to keep the stock more firmly placed in your shoulder.
  • The BCM Stock has a sleek design.  This reduces the chances of inadvertently snagging your rifle on a piece of gear.  Also, the edges are rounded, thereby avoiding sticking yourself or causing damage to other equipment.
  • The locking release lever on this stock is extremely large.  It take up nearly 66% of the underside of the stock.  This allows for east adjustment and the use of four fingers to grip the locking release tab.
  • The BCM stock is extremely durable, yet is extremely light weight.  The Bravo Company stock comes in at a svelte 7.3 ounces.  This is even lighter than the Magpul CTR stock.  

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